Talk by Dr Xandria Williams for BSIO

unique metabolic needs seminar

Talk by Dr Xandria Williams for BSIO

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One diet does not suit all.   We should not ALL be on such and such a diet, or ALL take this mineral or that vitamin.

In this easy to follow talk, Dr Williams will explain how the unique way your body works affects the nutrients, diet and lifestyle features that best suit you – or, if you are a practitioner, your patients.  This is definitely relevant for the prevention of cancer, but also of almost all other health problems.

In addition to the talk there will also be a panel of representatives from the BSIO leadership group.  You will be able to ask them questions on the role of the society and the future of integrative cancer care.

The event will be at Birkbeck College in Central London. on Tuesday 6th June, starting at 6.30.  There will also be time for meeting people and networking, plus light refreshments.

£20 for BSIO members or £25 for non members.  But BSIO membership is free, so it makes sense to sign up for BSIO and just pay £20!

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