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It is wise to base any recovery program on a solid foundation and this is often best provided by the use of tests to determine the details of the problem. Many of these tests look for nutrient deficiencies either in absolute or functional terms. The latter is usually better.

For instance an absolute test may show you have an adequate level of a nutrient as indicated by the stated “normal” level but a functional test may show that it is not sufficient for certain reactions to flow smoothly within your body. This then needs attention.

Many other tests are available and may be considered during a consultation. We offer or can arrange a wide variety of such tests, the results of which can then form the basis for a considered course of action.

Many of these tests are powerful. If, for instance, you are worried about certain serious degenerative or life-threatening diseases it is possible that we can detect them, with specialised but straight forward blood or urine tests, long before they are sufficiently advanced to be detected by more physical means or high tech equipment. Such tests can, if appropriate recovery protocols are used, save lives.

The CA profile, offered by American Metabolics is an example of this.  Dr Schandl who runs this laboratory states that “The Cancer Profile™©, a.k.a. CA Profile™©, is for prevention, early detection and management of cancer treatment. “ and, that it can detect the presence of developing cancer many years before a tumour forms or can be detected.  www.caprofile.net


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In addition she offers appointments by phone or by Skype.

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