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Dr  Xandria Williams combines her naturopathic training, and biochemical understanding of nutrition and human health with herbal medicine and a deep respect for profound concepts of psychotherapy and the damage that can be caused by stress.

Her aims are to help clients with variety of health problems.  These include of both physical and emotional problems and frequently with a strong focus on cancer support as well as with cancer prevention.

Dr Williams has been lecturing in the natural therapies since 1973, in clinical practice since 1978, and specifically in relation to cancer since 2,000

During that time she has seen and advised many hundreds of clients in relation to a wide variety of health issues.

Her approach draws on both biochemical and Anthroposophical understandings of health support and wellness care.



Dr Williams aims to teach and educate, as well as to advise. During your consultation you will be given the tools you can use yourself, under her care. She will advise you as to what you should do to get started and then helps you to be able to make decisions about your own health into the future,
Your consultation will generally include an explanation of the details of the protocols she provides, and the reasons for the recommendations being made.

The initial consultations for people concerned about cancer last for two hours.

This generally covers the broad concepts and then goes into the initial foundation on which to build a program of health restoration and the achievement of homoeostasis, the return to normal good health.

Most people value this thorough start to their health restoring protocol. But for some people this two hour period may be somewhat overwhelming, particularly if a lot of lifestyle changes are called for. In this case you may choose to divide your first consultation into two separate one-hour consultations. If this is your choice, please explain this when making your first booking. These should be as close together as is convenient, so that a thorough start can be achieved.

Initial consultations about other topics are generally for one hour

Follow on consultations can be for ½ hour, 1 hour or 1 ½ hours.

For prices and bookings please email

Or Phone = 020-7824-8153 Outside UK (+44-20-7824-8153)

You are unique

Each person is treated as an individual with his or her unique metabolism and needs.

We work closely with the unique needs of each individual.

For this reason these recommendations will be based on discussions with you in combination with the information you provide when you respond to a questionnaire that enables us to determine your Unique Metabolic Type.

You will be given a questionnaire regarding this and the answers will help us to plan your protocol.

Metabolic-Biochemical theory and approach to cancer

During your consultations you will learn about the Metabolic approach to cancer support, the aim of restoring homoeostasis, and a return to normal good health by non-toxic means. You will also learn about the historical development of this approach and the credentials and experience of people who have contributed to this over the past century.

You can also learn more about this at our frequent seminars.

Stress and cancer

Stress is an important aspect of any health issue.

In addition to the above naturopathic consultations, we also offer support for emotional issues. We can offer you individual psychotherapy sessions or participation in our De-stressing workshops.

And strongly recommend that you combine this with your consultations.

Free ‘Discussion and Q and A Groups’ ’ online Zooms

Many life-style changes are required for the full restoration of health.  To help reduce your need for lengthy and frequent consultations Dr Williams is available on line, daily.  She is then happy to answer questions or discuss topics of your choice. The one proviso is that these discussions are not unique to you but could be of interest to most other listeners  We have found that this is almost always the case.  Private and personal questions should be kept for your next consultation.

Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 9.00 a.m.

Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays at 6.00 p.m.

Each session includes:  Time for general comments and questions

And, if time, an exploration for the nominated topic for the day, go to ‘News & Announcements

  • learn more about the nominated topics
  • join our mailing list
  • get the link for the week. A new one is used, starting every Sunday


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Detecting Cancer

We also provide a selection of the recommended supplements, or information as to what you may prefer to purchase from your local suppliers.

The aim of this is both for your convenience, and to help you to understand which products we have found to be the most effective.

Subsequent consultations are usually of one hour, but can be for longer or shorter duration if you prefer.

If you have general questions, of interest to other people as well as yourself (and most people do, for there is a lot to learn)

Consider contacting, joining our mailing list and coming to some of the six one-hour Discussion and Q and A Groups’ sessions that we run daily. Here you will not only learn more from Dr Williams, but be able to share the experiences and ideas of other clients.

Client Testimonials

Thank you so much for the skype conversation earlier, which made me feel so much better and excited about the future. I haven’t been fearful, but the last chemo experience has made me feel in need of some reassurance. I very much appreciate all your efforts!!

Email on file

Dear Dr Williams

I just wanted to say big Thank you for inviting me to the open house on Friday, it was very interesting and inspiring evening meeting other clients, listening to their stories and learning more about nutrition.

Email on file

I brought myself and 3 children to see you about 35 years ago.

You gave me a list of fungus foods that I should avoid as I was allergic to moulds including penicillin….. and now when I need it for my daughter I can’t find it……. could send me? …………

Visiting you when we did made an enormous difference to the well being of my little family and I and I will always be forever grateful

Love D
P.S The people you are caring for are very blessed to have you on their side.

Email on file

Hello Xandria,

Trust you are well in your body, soul and spirit.
I am a South African and when I was diagnosed with cancer, friends of mine, from London, send me your book ” vital signs for cancer”.

Thank you, it saved my life! Thanks again for all your hard work!

Kind regards

Email on file

I am a Nutritional Therapist working in xxxxx xxxxxxx.

Had breast cancer 8 years ago (11cm, grade 4). Am now the fittest & healthiest I have ever been (phew!). Really love your books and frequently recommend them.

Are you planning any more practitioner talks or any other training in the near future?

Best wishes, and merry Xmas!


Email on file

Dear Xandria,

I have been meaning to get in touch for a while just to let you know how I’m getting on. And I am getting on so much better!!!

I think the last time I saw you I may have been moving to XXXXX. Well in November the pain in my leg was so bad and I just couldn’t eat or sleep, I had an MRI which showed a slipped disc from this my parents brought me back to xxxxx to begin treatment. In November my breathing was so bad I couldn’t walk up the stairs and my weight was 45 kg I went to xxxxx hospital to have a chest X-ray as I was so breathless, it was frightening, when the oncologist came to see me he told me what I have is very bad and gave me 2 months to live.

He pooh poohed everything I had done on our protocol. He said my body needs sugar . We switched v quickly to an amazing oncologist in London who is on board with all my holistic treatments. And Xandria I’m getting better !! The nurses are calling me a Christmas miracle ! I’ve had no side effects through chemo and I’m incorporating everything you supported me with alongside vit c therapy and xxxxxxx supplements as I sent my bloods to Greece. That has been so helpful to tailor my treatment and know that my cancer would respond to vit c.

My last scan shows that my tumours have shrunk by 50 per cent so we are cracking on with another round.
I recently came up to London and managed it really well. I do not miss London pace or pollution so I know I’m in the most healing environment down here surrounded by xxxxxx walks and nature. It’s lovely !

I also wondered if I could come to one of your raw food evenings next time I come up. I really learnt so much from you and want to continue the journey.

And a big thanks for priming my body for chemo. Although chemo is not my chosen route I believe that the detox and metabolic path I followed to the letter with you from August to November has really helped me manage the chemo.

Best wishes, LD

(email on file, edited only enough to maintain client privacy)

Dearest Dr Xandria,

Just wanted to let you know that in my last scan, they found no evidence of disease. A long way from being handed leaflets on palliative care and how to write a will back in January!

I cannot express sufficiently how much you mean to me, and how grateful I have been for your guidance throughout this process. You truly are a remarkable woman doing the most remarkable work, God bless you. I am now using all you taught me to ensure I remain cancer free 😊 (maybe not as strictly perhaps, but it has now become a way of life!)

Best wishes always,

AT 2018

Email on file

Thank you for all you have done for xxx xxx she is a great friend of mine and I recommended she came to see you.


Email on file /25-6-18

Hello, due to ( I think ! ) being put onto statins, ( for ‘insurance’ reasons …. family history. Have since stopped taking them ), my liver enzyme result was 122. I have been following your liver detox plan to the letter and just wanted to say thank you. I saw my GP this morning who was “astounded ” as it is now down to 44. I shall be incorporating a lot of what I’ve learned this month into my normal eating plan … for life!

Thank you once again. Best wishes,


We are very pleased to be able to tell you that My husband] had the results of a CT scan this afternoon and it shows that the tumour has reduced dramatically and the lymph nodes in his chest (which before showed a little bit of cancerous activity)are normal.

The consultant was very pleased. He is reducing the tablet chemotherapy to 5 days a week instead of every day as previously and will see (my husband] again in a month’s time. We are also very happy and convinced that the anti-cancer regime you prescribed for [my husband] is the reason he is doing so well.

We are continuing to follow it closely and will get back to you in January.

Best wishes for a Happy Christmas and New Year to you and your staff.”

Client 2003.

Email on file