From the Desk of Dr Xandria Williams

After 45 years in this profession, I feel very privileged to have had the opportunity for a wonderful science education both at universities (Imperial College in London, Otago in New Zealand, University of Natural Medicine in US and in Australia at the NSW College of Natural Therapies). I have been the fortunate recipient of several school and university scholarships that were available then but are not readily available to students now. Much of it has been the result of being in the right place at the right time, and then taking every opportunity as it came along.

I am now keen to pass on as much of this information and experience as possible, that is relevant to others, and to share it with others.

Our ultimate goal is to benefit as many people as possible to improved health, life and wellbeing in ways that are based on good scientific and naturopathic evidence and principals and on many years of experience.

Cancer research and cancer support have been my primary focus for the past two decades.  These, in turn, have been built on the foundation of more than two decades of biochemical, nutritional and general naturopathic training, learning and experience. This inevitably includes an understanding of cellular function and the prevention, at the cellular level of many of the degenerative diseases.

A clear-cut and generally accepted solution to cancer has yet to be found or made widely available, certainly one that is painless and harmless, as well as beneficial and effective. Yet it is clear that we can support and help people with cancer in a number of naturopathic and constructive ways, involving testing, to identify the very early detection and start of the cancer process, and related constructive but harmless and non-toxic strategies.

These can and should involve attention to lifestyle, diet, overall nutrition, supplements, the elimination of toxins and more.  It all involves restoring homoeostasis and normal function, so that the body can take care of itself, not attacking the body or parts of it.

I continue to present not only my Advanced Cancer Care Course but many other shorter Talks and Seminars. None the less, many people miss them because of timing, geography or other practical problems. For this reason, I am in the ongoing process of creating an online video library that will consist of recordings of my talks and seminars. These will be available on my website for general access and we hope to keep them there.

Please keep in mind that the purpose of these videos is for informational and educational use only. They are not intended as treatments are designed and intended as Education, not treatments. For the latter you are encouraged to consult with your chosen and relevant health care professionals.

All you have to do if you are interested in this concept, and would like to learn more, and to have access to the videos is register with our “Video Library On Line”

Once you register we will simply answer your questions and keep you up to date with the videos we put up and the educational talks, seminars and workshops that we offer.

When you register with us you will be given a unique password for your own use and so can ask questions and expect answers from Dr Xandria Williams. If appropriate even this answer may lead to another video and that too will then be put up and made generally available.

If you would like even more information, then sign up for our newsletter and we will keep you informed as to what else we are doing.

There are two levels of membership:


The general level membership (GLM):

This is open to anyone who is interested in our videos and other presentations.  It includes videoed talks, discussions and lecture presentations. The information is presented in lay and general terms.

You will then be given access to our Q and A interchanges and can ask questions in so far as they relate to our main line of work and expertise.  These answers will also be given in general terms.  They will be answered either in a personal answer or in suggestions of other of our videos (also free), or further reading.

Dr Xandria Williams will do her best to answer in a timely manner, but please understand if there is some delay, resulting from the number of questions we receive.

Please note:  this is for general information and education only, and cannot include personal advice for which a consultation is appropriate, nor should it be taken as personal advice.


Professional Level Membership (PLM):

This is open to anyone, as is the GLM. However, it will be assumed that members are students or practitioners of nutrition, naturopathy or related health care subjects and/or have had some similar training and so these videoed talks will be presented in more technical terms. We will not be checking this – no exams.

Similar to the GLM, this level also includes the offer of Q and A interchanges which will, at this level, be given in more depth and technical detail than at the GLM. The questions will be answered either in a personal answer or in suggestions of other of our videos (also free) or suggested reading. Please note: this is for information and education only and cannot include any personal advice for which a consultation is appropriate.

About our Q and A

You are invited to send in your questions. We plan to answer these or explain the various topics by presenting specific video Talks to cover the various questions. These video Talks will then also be uploaded and made available for anyone else who has a similar question. I will do my best to answer all queries, but that will, of course, depend on how many we receive. These single vide Talks will generally be of short duration, possibly from 10 to 60 minutes.


Once a video has been uploaded and made available it is anticipated that it will remain available on our website long term. However, if at some point we feel it can be improved on or added to, an updated version may be uploaded and replace the earlier version.


I have published over 20 books over the past 35 years. Many are, of course out of print now, though they many are still available second hand. Many others including the last three written on cancer support will be referenced in relation to specific video topics.

The most relevant books include

  • Vital Signs for Cancer
  • Cancer Concerns
  • Detecting Cancer
  • From Stress to Success
  • Love Health and Happiness
  • The Four Temperaments
  • Liver Detox Plan
  • Herbal Detox Plan
  • Overcoming Candida
  • Fatigue
  • You are not Alone


 We also offer a number of Seminars, which will be available in video format, but for which there will be a fee. Most of them, when presented in person, are full one-day or two-day Seminars. The Advanced Cancer Care Course Seminar Series is divided into several Seminars, each of which is presented over two or more weekends, as groups of videoed Seminars.

The following is the initial list of Seminar topics we currently have planned. If we receive requests for additional topics, I will endeavour to include them if they come clearly within my field of experience.  Alternatively, I may present them as open video Talks.



  • UMN (Unique metabolic needs) Seminar. This has been the basis of a two-day seminar during the past few years (GLM and PLM levels). There is no one diet that suits everyone. It will be invaluable to you to determine your own metabolic type and apply what that suggests. Building on this foundation can give you a secure foundation and basis on which to build your optimum health.

We advise all our clients in the practice to complete the tests to determine their UMN.  If you would like to know more, we recommend that you:

  1. do the UMN questionnaire and then
  2. have a short, (or longer, if you wish) consultation to interpret it for you and help you plan your optimum diet and supplement list and
  3. better still, learn more about this subject by doing this seminar.


  • The Four Temperaments Seminar. Just as individuals have differing metabolic needs, so do they have uniquely different temperaments and characteristics. Learning about these, and how to determine the temperament of the individuals in your life, can improve and enrich relationships and outcomes. This too has been a two-day seminar here in recent years (GLM).


  • Cancer Support GLM and PLM. This is a huge topic and the focus of our work. At the GLM it is relevant for individuals wanting to learn how to reduce their risk of developing cancer and how to support their recovery strategies. At the PLM it is relevant for practitioners who work in this field or are training to work in this field.


We offer a one-day Seminar to clients who want to know more about the protocols and advice they may have been given. This can be attended before or after they have a consultation. It is a very economical way of learning a great deal about what to expect, or who want a whole day to get answers to all the questions that couldn’t possibly be fitted into a single consultation with such detail.

Equally, much of this information will gradually be put up as short single (free) videos over time.


Advanced Cancer Care Course

This course has been given annually for a few years.  It has evolved to a course of nine full weekends when given in person. The current plan is to divide it into two or three component Seminars, each of several separate videos. The plan for this videoed presentation is to lengthen it with additional relevant information.

Contact us for further information should you wish to enrol for this Course.


In summary we offer:

  • a collection of short video talks on a range of topics, mostly focused on cancer support or related concepts suitable for the General interest level. We anticipate that most ‘short’ videos in this will be about 10 to 60 minutes long and at no charge.
  • a collection of short video talks on a range of topics, mostly focused on cancer support or related concepts suitable for advanced students and practitioners or people with some significant understanding of nutrition or naturopathy. We anticipate that most ‘short’ videos in this section will be about 20 to 60 minutes long.
  • a collection of Seminars at either General or Professional Level. These ‘levels’ are for guidance only, as to what to expect


There will be modest charges for these Seminars

  • Remember that once these video talks and seminars have been uploaded, the plan is to keep them available so that, by using your password, you can refer back to them as and when you wish.


I hope you will find here video Talks and Seminars that will be of interest of you. We will be delighted if you would like to do the complete Advanced Cancer Care Course. Contact us: for further information or to express your interest.