Phytonutrient Smoothie

Phytonutrient Smoothie

I was reading a paper this evening on the anti-cancer properties of Graviola (Annona muricata). The bit that caught my eye was, “…more than twenty-five thousand identified phytochemicals have been shown to possess  potent anticancer activities.”

Think about that. Twenty-five thousand identified phytochemicals are known to have anti-cancer properties. This is unlikely to be a comprehensive list, so there are almost certainly plenty more. This should encourage you to eat a diet with as many different vegetables, herbs and fruits as possible. These are the foods that are loaded with beneficial phytochemicals.  The greater the variety, the greater the chance that you are consuming a large number of valuable phytonutrients.

This encourages me in my daily practice. After breakfast, I frequently make up a rich smoothie and have it on my desk to drink throughout the day. In a flask of water, I add a wide range of organic powders that change month to month as my mood takes me. It may include, but would not be limited to, various ‘green powders’ such as the Synergy company’s Pure synergy powder with its 61 ingredients, beet powder, various berry powders and a mix of vitamin C-rich fruit powders including Maca, Lucuma, Peruvian Mesquite, Monk fruit, Baobab, IP6+I, …. and Graviola of course. If you go to a comprehensive health food shop you will find many other powders to choose from such as carrot powder, blueberry, other berry powders. Make sure they are all organic. This is a brilliant snack and one I can ‘beef up’ with a scoop of plant protein, flaxseed oil, coconut oil or medium-chain-triglycerides. If I am particularly busy in my office and don’t have time to prepare my typical salad for lunch, I also aim to include a generous amount of celery in any vegetable juice I make.  Celery has a lot of really helpful phytonutrients, many of which are not available as supplements.  Maybe this is why I am still working full time and enthusiastically, well past retirement age!

These various phytonutrients do not just contain anti-cancer nutrients of course. The many dozens or even hundreds that will find their way into any such smoothie that you make will almost certainly help you to avoid or prevent a host of other possible health problems. Think of it as daily topping up of your (health) reserve bank account so that you always have plenty and never risk running out, even in a time of extra need.

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