Introduction… Notes from a Naturopath

Introduction… Notes from a Naturopath

I spent the first 10 years of my formal and relevant education studying chemistry and biochemistry, then went on to four more years of learning about the medical sciences, naturopathy and nutrition, and further post-graduate time exploring psychotherapy. Yet somehow, I am still excited about all there is to know and learn in this fascinating field!

I am often asked to name my favourite book, and the answer is always “The Encyclopaedia Britannica.” Before the days of the internet, this book impressed me as a bottomless pit of endless reading and learning, a treasure hunt that leads on endlessly from one clue or topic to the next. If only I had a desert island to provide me with the time and space to read it all!

I was fortunate to have started my Naturopathic training in Australia when, even back in the seventies, it was a three and a half year, 3,000 hour course, which I believe provided me with a very firm foundation for all I have done and learnt in this profession.

In addition to building a busy clinical practice over the years, both in Sydney and London, I have enjoyed lecturing to Naturopathic and nutrition students as they begin their lifelong journey of learning. I thoroughly enjoy this type of teaching and interaction with the students, of any age. I also enjoy teaching to a variety of other groups including clients, practitioners and others with general interest. However, I have become increasingly aware that there is so much that I have learned through my experiences over the years that a formal educational setting does not allow me the opportunity to share.

I have lived a varied life. I attended 11 schools by the age of eleven, went on to live in 8 different countries and a total of 34 homes! I have circumnavigated the globe 27 times both for work and pleasure, visiting colleagues, attending conferences and researching exciting projects.

Various friends and colleagues have tried to persuade me to make my next book an autobiography. If I am honest, I wonder who would be interested enough to read it.  My friends retort, that my lectures and consultations with clients are so peppered with anecdotes, case histories and other such examples of the work that I do, that they are sure it would be interesting. The obvious compromise is to write up some of these experiences, ones that I believe have shaped me as a practitioner and have contributed to what I can offer to my clients and students. I therefore plan to share these with you through my new blog, Notes from a Naturopath. I hope that these “Notes” will encourage you on your own path to health and knowledge,  and perhaps provide a little humour along the way!


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