Bob’s Allotment

Bob’s Allotment

Bob had a tumour eating into his right hip that had left him totally dependent on two crutches to go even a few yards. During our first meeting, I covered the basics.  It included a test to determine Bob’s unique metabolic needs. He was a Fast Oxidiser (FOX), which meant that he would likely do better on a diet that consisted of meat and root vegetables, not the typical near-vegetarian diet that helps many people with cancer. This type of diet would never satisfy Bob, he would be likely to eat a plate of salad and fruit and then ask, “What is for dinner?”

The diet I recommended for him included a blend of yoghurt and flaxseed oil with fresh berries for breakfast, salad with a modest helping of animal protein for lunch, and similar for dinner. In between, he was happy with a litre of fresh vegetable juices and nuts for snacks.

The next very important step of the protocol should have included various detox strategies however this was a challenge due to Bob’s extreme lack of mobility due to pain in his hip.

The next time I met with Bob, he admitted to cheating a bit on his diet, but not with the typical sweet foods. Instead, he had a bit more meat and chicken than I had advised and admitted how much he loved and had missed these foods. I let him get away with this, he had enough to contend with and sugar would have been much worse for him by far. He also confirmed that he had not been successful with the recommended detox strategies due to his physical limitations.

Bob was an electrician by trade but his health challenges had made it impossible for him to keep up with his work. He was now short on money and could not afford the nutritional supplements that I recommended.

Somehow, I had to find a way to help him eliminate toxins and get the best possible nutrition into him, all on a near zero budget!

Bob agreed that we faced a challenge ahead however, he had quite the optimistic perspective. “The way I see it, I am successfully following the four basic strategies that you recommended!”

  1. “I have increased oxygen to my cells with the yoghurt and flaxseed oil mixture that I consume each day for breakfast”
  2. “I have increased my intake of nutrients with vegetable juices and salads, but that is all my budget will allow.”
  3. “I have managed some level of detoxification with hot showers, towel wraps and alternating hot water bottles and frozen peas (cold packs) on the liver and drinking more water, but that’s it!”

I realised I could build on this and suggested some more high fibre foods including flax and chia seeds.

It was then time to discuss the fourth strategy, the stress response.  Bob explained that he had a rotten time a few years back. He had been through a major upheaval due to a lengthy divorce and all that came with it. The splitting of finances limited access to his two children and the feeling that due to his health problems, he had was unable to show his kids a good time.

“What is it that you really enjoy doing?” I asked. “What makes your heart sing and brings joy to your life?” These are standard yet very powerful questions that I ask my clients.

“Oh, that’s simple, I have an allotment.”  It was as if all the lights in London had been turned on! He positively glowed and so did I, at least inwardly. This type of moment is known as a therapeutic encounter. Bob had connected with his purpose and I realised how I could help him overcome the challenges he was facing.

Bob loved gardening so much so that he had been determined to continue with this hobby. While walking was a challenge for Bob, he found that he was able to kneel and tend to his garden. He used knee pads to take some of the pressure off his knees. “I can kneel and weed and I can also shuffle around the allotment using my knee pads!” he exclaimed.

As we discussed which vegetables Bob would grow, we talked about the health benefits of each and Bob began to connect to the notion that food is medicine. He added many vegetables and herbs to his already impressive list and this grew into a passion for Bob and made it possible for him to get the wide range of nutrients that he desperately needed to support his health. Following is likely an incomplete summary of some of the vegetables that Bob enjoyed tending to in his allotment:



Garlic and Garlic Chives Excellent for the immune system
Used for juicing and he learned to dry the leaves and make celery salt!
Fennel Creatively added to celery juice to improve the taste
Carrots Rich in beta-carotene
Chillies Contain up to 7x more vitamin C than an orange! Also aids digestion and may help to reduce pain.
Berries Rich in anthocyanins which are powerful anti-oxidants
Alpine strawberries Excellent source of ellagic acid which is rich in anti-cancer compounds, These are tiny and Bob used to mistake them for weeds!
Berries Rich in anthocyanins which are powerful anti-oxidants
Alpine strawberries Excellent source of ellagic acid which is rich in anti-cancer compounds, These are tiny and Bob used to mistake them for weeds!
Citrus fruit and peel Excellent source of anti-oxidants.  He had been throwing them out.
Greek and African Blue Basil Grown in pots indoors in the winter; contain anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-cancer properties, aid digestion and promote cardiovascular health.
Rosemary Bob felt this was too spikey but he learned to dry and grind it and then tossed it in salad dressings and stews. Rosemary is rich in rosmarinic acid, a powerful anti-oxidant
Oregano Contains anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-oxidant properties.



Bob loved spending time in his garden rather than in his tiny, claustrophobic flat. I suggested he learn to grown sprouts of all sorts including alfalfa, mung bean and chickpea sprouts. This way he could do what he loved indoors as well. This also meant he would have fresh food growing in his kitchen until the moment it hit his plate! Bob thought this would be too expensive however I showed him how he could accomplish this with jam jars covered with butter muslin.

As time went on, Bob grew more and more enthusiastic and realised how his hobby had not only saved him money, it also provided him with the vast array of nutrients that his body so desperately needed. To add to his good fortune he discovered that his children revelled in what he was doing and were happy to help and join him outdoors. As a result, he had become much more relaxed and fulfilled and woke up feeling happy each day.

The nutrition and detoxification strategies that Bob implemented along with his newfound sense of joy and purpose improved his health and also enabled him to experience a better quality of life, even with cancer.

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