Benefits 29 Years after Initial Consultation

Benefits 29 Years after Initial Consultation

When Richard was 7, his behaviour was very bad, especially in front of other people. He was another one of my Sydney clients, brought to me by his parents in 1989. Most of his mother’s friends thought he had ADHD, and this was at the time when children were being prescribed Ritalin. His parents and his headmaster were keen to avoid this for Richard. When they brought him in to see me, I  recommended that he and his whole family (for support, but also good for them) went on a  predominantly raw food diet, with small amounts of fish and some chicken. I suggested he drink much more water, and that it should be purified by reverse osmosis. I also suggested kinesiology exercises.

Poor Richard. He hated the diet and was forced by his parents to do the kinesiology exercises.  Nevertheless, his behaviour improved dramatically and he stuck with the diet and exercises for a few months.  The whole family supported him and joined in as well, which helped.

Then after some time, Richard’s bad behaviour returned. This puzzled us all, especially as everyone in the family was feeling the benefits to their own health. Then his mother found junk food and cans of baked beans hidden under his bed. He had been buying it with his pocket money.

By the age of 13, he realised himself that he had to start the diet again. But, his motivation for this was that he had become quite overweight and was being teased by his friends at school. Hooray, finally my advice had finally sunk in!  His sister did not have to be convinced because she had seen the first results!

His mother found me via social media and has kept me up to date during their school years. During high school and university they both, in fact, all of the family, continued to eat good, fresh food and drink lots of water for the majority of the time. They did the kinesiology exercises at home before travelling to school or university for their exams and the parents did them before work.

Richard is now 36, lives overseas, and is very successful and extremely fit. His sister has had her first child, breastfed for 2 years, and has not vaccinated him. He eats mainly raw foods with small amounts of chicken and fish. However, his grandmother, who was my original client, told me that he did have a small chocolate Easter egg this year. Richard’s sister is also extremely fit and one year into her Naturopathy course at University.  I am delighted that his mother has kept me updated, and that I was able to have such a “huge impact” (her words) on this particular Australian family. His mother and father visited me in London in 2015 and had our ‘early-detection’ tests to see if they had any early signs of potentially developing cancer. Fortunately, only a few minor issues needed to be addressed.


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