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Get the most out of Dr Xandria Williams’s video learning centre in your workplace with training guides, tips, client examples and other resources.

Dr Williams

»  has four degrees in chemistry

» trained as an Australian Naturopath in 1979

» has focused entirely on cancer support in London for the past two decades and is thus uniquely trained and experienced to present this video series.

Dr Xandria Williams Video Learning Centre


Our aim is to pass on as much information as possible to as many people as possible for the benefit of all the people they share the information with.

We aim to:

» provide you with information so that you can study and learn from the comfort of your own home or your mobile access, and

» provide you with an ongoing Q and A facility so that you can continue to learn or get help, even long after you have watched the videos.

These videos are particularly but not exclusively in relation to cancer support.

Cancer is becoming increasingly common nowadays. A clear cut solution has yet to be found or to be made widely available, certainly not one that is painless and harmless. Yet, there are indications that that possibility may exist and that we can support and help people with cancer in a number of naturopathic and nutritional ways.

The thrust of these videos is Education, not treatments. For the latter you are encouraged to consult with your chosen and relevant health care professionals.

Membership Details

We ask people who are interested in learning more from us to be registered with us as we would like to know who we are talking to! Please also ask, specifically, to join our mailing list if you would like to do so.

General Level Membership

General Level Membership is open to anyone, no matter what your background or training. Dr Xandria Williams has a long history of writing and lecturing to people with little or no academic naturopathic or biochemistry training, as well as to professionals in this field. This is why we offer two levels of membership. The General Level is planned to be free and it contains videos presented in lay and general terms. The Q and A interchanges for this level will be presented in appropriately general terms.

Professional Level Membership

The Professional Level Membership is subject to a modest monthly or yearly fee. This Membership level is opened to anyone but it will be assumed that members are students or practitioners of nutrition, naturopathy, herbal medicine or other related subjects. These videos and the Q and A interchanges for this level will be presented in appropriate and more technical terms.

Q and A

The plan is this: whenever you have a question that you think was not answered by the video or that stems from a video, feel free to ask.

You can do this via email to xandria@xandriawilliams.co.uk

Dr Williams will do her best to answer all appropriate or relevant questions. The answer may be in the form of a direct and personal reply, or it may be such that several people have asked it or similar questions and then, she may already have elected to answer them by making a Response Video and posted that on our website to which you will be directed.  Alternatively, Dr Williams may make a new video to cover that topic and post it, so that it is there for others as well.

Please note. 

Much as she would like to, She cannot commit to answering every single question, but will do her best.

Videos from the Learning Centre

Below is a list of videos in progress that will be added to the video learning centre as soon as they have been recorded.

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