Foundation to Physical and Emotional Health

unique metabolic needs seminar

Dr Xandria Williams PhD, ND


Unique Metabolic Needs

Learn and understand your own unique metabolic needs as a secure foundation on which to build good health

Unique Personality Types

Learn how to determine your own, and other peoples’ personality types as a basis for understanding and building better relationships, with yourself and others.


These two seminars are run intermittently as and when interest in them is expressed.  If you are interested in either or both of these:  Contact us to find out when the next one(s) will take place.  T: 020-7824-8153


You are unique, each client is unique.
Yet Unique Metabolic Needs (UMNs) are frequently ignored in nutrition and health care.
Understand your own Unique Personality Type (UPT). and that of others
This can improve both interpersonal and practitioner-client relationships

In this innovative 2-day Foundation seminar you will learn:

  • The history and development of the understanding of UMNs
  • How to distinguish between more than a dozen different UMN patterns and types
  • The sound, biochemical and physiological principles on which UMN are based
  • How to use UMN for restoration of good health and prevention of disease
  • How and why homoeostasis can only be achieved when based on the application of UMNs
  • How to recognise that a vitamin, mineral, nutrient or food can benefit one individual and yet be detrimental to another – and how to establish the optimum plan for each individual.
  • A quick and simple way to learn the Personality Type (UPT) of an individual and then respond and relate to them accordingly.


“One man’s meat is another man’s poison”, it is also true to say that:
“One person’s vitamin or mineral is another person’s downfall” or Assuming that other people think and behave like you can lead to relationship disasters


  • This seminar goes beyond simple protein-carb types, blood types or the 4 metabolic types
  • It covers options for healthy people and those with a variety of health problems including cancer
  • When combined, they blend and inter-relate UPTs with physiological metabolism (UMNs), and show how they are related
  • The concepts relate to a naturopathic approach to health, to clients, and to social relationships.


About the presenter

Dr Xandria Williams, PhD, MSc, DIC, ARCS, ND, DBM has been a biochemist and naturopath for over forty years. Half that time has been in general practice in Australia, the other half in supporting people with cancer, In London. Dr Williams first explored the concepts of metabolic types in Australia in the 1980s, designing and using specific products suitable for people with Unique Metabolic Needs. This concept is of vital importance. It provides a foundation for her nutritional advice to people interested in maintaining or achieving good health, preventing or overcoming degenerative disease and supporting people with cancer.

As a qualified psychotherapist Dr Xandria Williams has worked with clients over the past four decades, helping them to improve their understanding of  themselves, and other people, thus reducing stress levels and improving relationships.

Her major focus is on helping to support people concerned about cancer.

Stress is a major component of cancer, and of most other health problems, and this combined approach has proved to be of significant benefit.

Dr Xandria Williams has run workshops in, and taught, both of these concepts, many times during her career, and the events have always been popular. This is the first time she has done so since her return to the UK. We look forward to seeing you

To register your interest, or book for these unique seminars contact our office on 020-7824-8153 or email