Co-ordinated Research

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Research Groups with dr xandria williams

The material on which the ‘Cancer Concerns Seminar Series’ and the Cancer Quintet books is based is the result of thousands of hours spent studying published research papers, many lengthy discussions with colleagues throughout the years, attendance at dozens of seminars in many countries and the accessing of a plethora of other information sources.

The fourth book in the Cancer Quintet series is listed as ‘in progress’, given that research on aspects of the book is still ongoing. In effect, 200,000 words have already been written, equivalent to two large paperbacks, and there is a lot more to be done, not least because the information that needs to be gathered, evaluated and collated is, for all intents and purposes, endless! This has meant that the format of the final product has not yet been decided, whether it be on paper or on-line.

CSEC offers seminar graduates the opportunity to add to some of this research and thus contribute to the final outcome. In order to accomplish this, researchers would be working with guidance and direction from Dr Xandria Williams.On the proviso that high standards have been upheld throughout the research and the result is satisfactory, the material assembled will then be published either in the book, or on-line, with the acknowledgement of their name as co-author. Members would be free to choose, in each instance, a topic that interests them or that is of particular relevance to their own work or clients’ needs. The result of this research, which should be extensive and inclusive of solely reputable sources, will be inspected, scrutinised and evaluated by Dr. Williams before it makes its appearance in the public domain.

The work can be done in your own time and at your own convenience, but with discussions with Dr Williams, as deemed appropriate. The results of all such successful research will be shared with the group of researchers and sometimes and others in the form of technical updates, and an acknowledgement of the name of the Member undertaking it will always accompany the relevant articles or pieces of writing.

The aim of this Research Group concept is educational.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]