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Dr Xandria Williams Lectures

Dear Xandria,

Firstly I wanted to say on behalf of all of us yesterday, thank you so much for such a wonderful day. Each and every one of us enjoyed it immensely and you have definitely changed the way we think about cancer care.

Best wishes, LD

Dr Xandria Williams As A Lecturer for the CanSurvive Education Centre

Dr Williams has lectured on many topics related to the natural therapies but most extensively on nutrition and biochemistry.

In Australia, she taught in the Sydney College of Chiropractic, was head of the nutrition and biochemistry departments in the NSW College of Natural Therapies, and Naturecare College, and was a frequent guest lecturer at several additional courses at other colleges.

Since 1996, Dr Williams has taught at a number of naturopathic and osteopathic colleges in London including:

  • the Institute of Optimum Nutrition (ION)
  • the College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM)
  • the British College of Naturopathy and Osteopathy (BCNO)

Over the years, she has designed and runs an extensive number of seminars on many topics but most recently focused on cancer.

Some of these seminars and workshops are also available in the video learning centre section.

1-day seminars / workshops include:

Our seminars have been put on hold due to COVID-19; however, we have several online events happening on a weekly basis. These include Coffee Club, Evening Talks and we also run Tutorials on various topics. For more information, please visit News & Events on our homepage.

  • Introduction to the Advanced Cancer Care Course (ACCC)
  • Seminar for clients, to explain the science and research that lies behind the guidance they may have been given in their consultations
  • Stress workshops, practical guidance to releasing the experience of stress

2-day weekend seminars / workshops include:

  • Stress seminars for understanding the development of stress and its consequences and tools for minimising its potential damage
  • The Four Temperaments – for learning useful insights into understanding ourselves and others
  • Unique Metabolic Needs – for learning more about the unique details of each individual and their metabolic needs.

The Advanced Cancer Care Course (ACCC)

This course is designed for practitioners and advanced students. It is held over eight to twelve weekends (additional details for this course are available in the Video Centre section).

This course has been created, developed and presented by Dr Williams, for several years, in a variety of formats. The aim of the course is to help you to support people who are interested in learning more about cancer, its prevention and the support of people with cancer, and give them information as to strategies that they can combine with whatever treatments they have chosen.

You are invited to enrol for the next one.  If you are an advanced student or a practitioner, this course is designed to take you further than your existing training. If you have had limited nutrition or naturopathic training, we may still accept you on the course, provided that you understand that additional self-study may be needed.

This course can be done in person or via our Video programme.

Additional Seminars

Dr Williams is available to give talks to cover a variety of topics to interested client groups, study groups or conferences and could offer additional seminars, lectures and workshops on request. These can be either at an academic level or a general level.

Please contact us if you are interested to discuss this further with Dr Williams.

Some examples of the seminar or workshop topics which Dr. Williams could cover include:

  • One day seminars for clients on the initial cancer support protocols
  • The inter-relationship of stress and health problems
  • De-stressing workshop
  • The Four Temperaments
  • Unique Metabolic Needs and Types
  • Other topics, as appropriate, can be considered on request

Student Feedback:

Dr Williams,

It was such pleasure to meet you today and thank you for such an inspiring lecture.

It was incredibly interesting to get to hear about some of your experience as a practitioner and I feel like I have left today with a wealth of information and inspiration to go on to do some reading by myself on a few of the topics that you brought up.

Thank you again for today

Kind Regards, IH

Thank you for such a wonderful lecture yesterday. As mentioned to you at the end, I’d been sort of dreading having to think too much about cancer but you were very inspiring and I left feeling really rather optimistic and excited.

I had dinner with some classmates afterwards and we were all in agreement about how engaging and inspiring you are.

S.CS (Cancer lecture in April 2018)

Dear Xandria,

Firstly I wanted to say on behalf of all of us yesterday, thank you so much for such a wonderful day. Each and every one of us enjoyed it immensely and you have definitely changed the way we think about cancer care.

Best wishes, LD

I met Xandria on 25th March (2018) when she delivered an amazing lecture on cancer support at college in London to year 2 nutrition students.


I only attended one college lecture with you but left feeling very inspired!


Hi Xandria,

Really excellent lecture yesterday at College thank you for making Cancer much less scary!



I’m a student currently in my final year of naturopathic nutrition, and I have attended Sunday cancer support lecture with you. I am amazed with your knowledge, practical and holistic approach to health and human nature.

I would be really grateful if you could please kindly advise regarding mentoring options for practitioners. I am thinking about specialising in mental health on the top of my nutritional practice, however it would be great to discuss in detail and gain some more understanding from you and your team.

Kind regards, JK (13/03/2018)

Dr Williams it was a great lecture this weekend!! After studying Chemistry in my teens & left it to work in Accounts.

This weekend you reignited my love of chemistry & I had an epiphany during your lecture … now I know I can combine my skills as a Chemist & practice nutrition.

Last year I started a CIC to help people on low incomes improve their health, and I am really interested in receiving some mentoring from you!!

Can you please let me know the best way to go about arranging it…

ps I live in Bucks so am only really available at weekends!!

Thanks again, CF

Dear Director of Studies (at London college)

I just wanted to write to thank you for introducing us to Dr Williams. She is a complete inspiration! Most of the class want to go and see her again as soon as possible and so we are organising a group for that. Her attitude to sharing information is wonderful – I really hope that she lectures us again soon.

Best regards, NM (student)

Feedback following an ACCC seminar:

What did you particularly like about the seminar?

We were able to practice the things we were learning before moving on to a new “technique”. The group felt like a small therapy session and the way the conversations and flow of the lesson developed felt smooth and organic.

Message to a Director of Studies (at London college)

Could you let me know if Xandria Williams will be teaching the cancer lecture or any other for nutrition 2 this year? I really admire her and would love to go to any of her lectures if she has any. Wish you all have a lovely week.

Thanks and Best Regards, AA

Dear Dr. Williams,

Just a brief email to say thank you very much for inviting me along for the weekend webinar. It was an amazing insight into people generally and, to me, just with those relatively simple tools, all sort of confusions float away and people’s idiosyncrasies become so much more understandable which in turn helps one become (well, me at least!) a more tolerant, compassionate person.

I also have to say that I think you are an inspirational teacher! I find it so much more easily to learn and understand when the facts are presented with case histories/personal experience and I could listen to you for hours!

I wish you could be doing more of our very dry lectures at the college.

Wishing you a happy week!
Best wishes,
N (11/09/17)

Hi Xandria,

I am a first year Naturopath student who was lucky enough to be present in your Biochemistry class on Sat the 6th.

We did speak after class but I felt compelled to write and say how wonderful it was to be in that class. I’m an immunologist by profession and have just returned from Sydney where I was working in clinical research. My own personal health journey has directed me toward preventative and more natural functional medical strategies and I decided that my profession should reflect this change, hence Naturopathy.

I found you so inspiring and how wonderful that you are making a huge difference to people’s lives. And with such passion. So THANK YOU for your time and I am hoping we have you again soon. Hopefully we will organise some tutorials with you too.

Also if there are opportunities to volunteer at your practise please let me know.

Best, DN

Hello xandria,

You took our (biochemistry) class on Monday and we found you inspirational and around 18 of us (so far!) would love to take you up on your offer of meeting up with you to maybe learn more about the field that we are training in.

I know a few of us want to join your cancer workshop also.

I personally hope I can eventually work in natural cancer prevention and cure…as this is the part that I am most interested in.

I look forward to hearing from you, and seeing you again on Monday.

Lots of love, EC

Thank you for sparking my interest in cancer and the role diet and lifestyle has on this subject. You are literally a godsend. I’m so determined to make this work for my client, but I know I can’t get attached.


(Advanced Cancer Care Course Graduate 24-10-2018)