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Dr Xandria Williams is in practice in Belgravia/Chelsea, Central London and also sees patients, twice a month, in her rooms in Co Kildare in Ireland.
In addition she offers appointments by phone or by Skype.

To make enquires or arrange for an appointment: Phone: 44 (0) 20-7824-8153 or 353 (0) 46-973-1191. Please leave messages if your call is not answered. Email: or”
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Nothing said on this website is meant to imply that we treat cancer or any other health problem.The information given here and in the activities promoted by this prospectus is for education only. We make no claim here and in the CSRTC to be defining a treatment or recovery program for you to follow if you have cancer or any other health problem. Cancer is much too serious and complex a problem for you to deal with on your own, or simply with the help of a book, or the attendance at a seminar. You are strongly advised to find a competent and appropriately qualified therapist in whom you have confidence and with whom you can work. The intention here is to provide you with an understanding of some of the fundamental concepts concerning cancer that underpin the CAM (Complimentary, Alternative and Metabolic) approach. When you know what is available, you are then in a position to look for a practitioner who can provide the type of support you want, and you will also be able to understand the reasons behind what they are advising you to do.