It is impossible to live in the twenty first century without absorbing or taking in large numbers of toxins.


If you live in the city there is local pollution in addition to global pollution. Several thousand chemicals, allegedly as many as 80,000, are added to the total environment. A large number of these are added to your food, sprayed around the house, applied to your body or added to drinking water. The majority of them are foreign to your body and they can all exert unpredictable effects on you, either on their own or, worse still, in complex combinations.

If you live in the country there is the added problem of the agricultural chemicals sprayed over nearby properties, and possibly in your own garden. These can also, of course, enter the food chain.

It is important to recognise and detect existing toxins and then (a) avoid them and (b) eliminate those already present in the body.
Their presence can be detected by a number of simple tests and the appropriate detox method(s) can then be selected and implemented.

You can also learn about several general detox methods.


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