natural prevention
Ultimately your health is your responsibility, just as is the care of your car. You probably have your car serviced on a regular basis. In this way you hope to prevent problems developing. If there is the sound of some small problem you probably don’t say “it is a bit of a funny noise, but it isn’t too irritating, I can live with it” and keep driving. You take it in for a check-up in the hope of preventing a worse problem.
Surprisingly, relatively few people do this in regard to their health. If you are wise you will have regular health check-ups. You may say you do this now, looking for the possible start of a disease, but arguably even that is too late. If you have health checks done at the nutritional and naturopathic level and act on the results you could be preventing or reversing a problem that could otherwise develop into something serious.
After all, you can always buy another car, you only have one body for this lifetime.
Many people pay lip service to prevention, few people actively engage in it.  Do you?