Individualised Protocols

Individualised Protocols


You are not an average person. You are unique. 

Helping you to better health should not be based on giving you a treatment plan that would apply to anyone with the same problem. We don’t offer a treatment for a specific disease. Our focus is on determining the specific needs of you, the individual. Tests are used to help us determine your own  unique metabolic type or pattern.

No matter what your problem, based on the information you give and the results of any tests you do we are able to determine the ways in which your body may be out of balance.  You may learn, for instance, whether,  you should eat more or less meat, more of one food type or less of another, more cooked food or more raw food.

This approach extends to establishing which nutrients, which vitamins and minerals, are most important for you, not for the mythical average person.  We aim to determine what nutrients can bring you back into balance and to correct functional deficiencies in this way. Some people may be too acidic, some too alkaline. All this is taken into account when preparing an appropriate plan for restoring homoeostasis for you, personally.

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