How We Can Help


Naturopaths are not magicians. We cannot wave a wand and bring you to total perfect health. Nor do we believe that health comes out of a bottle or in the form of a pill. However we can work with you, we can teach you and we can advise. In this way we can work together to help restore you to homoeostasis and optimal health.

Restoring health means working with your body, not against it. We do not use toxic chemicals or drugs that force changes on your body. Naturopaths respect the wisdom of the body and endeavour to harness this to help restore you to optimum health.

Improving your health should involve a working partnership between you and your practitioner. We do not expect you to simply ‘do as you’re told’, as you might with your doctor. We aim to help you to learn enough so that you can understand the reasons behind all the suggestions that are made. We endeavour to teach and guide rather than treat.

In this way we can help you:

  • to obtain information on good food decisions in general
    • to determine your metabolic or nutritional type and hence the right diet and supplements for you personally
    • by indication symptoms that indicate possible specific nutrient deficiencies and related needs that you may have
    • to organise tests to determine nutrient deficiencies
    • to organise tests to determine the presence of specific toxins
    • to plan an appropriate detox program and recovery plan

In Australia, where I trained, the Naturopathic Diploma, then three and a half years of full time study, now four, was an overarching course and the diploma included many modalities. These included Nutrition and Metabolic Biochemistry, Botanic or Herbal Medicine, Homoeopathy and the use of flower remedies and tissue salts, Reflexology, Massage, and much more. This enabled us to utilise a great many skills and tools when helping people. Most psychotherapy techniques were then part of post graduation studies.

Health problems rarely exist in isolation, either from the rest of your body, or from your emotional state. There are intimate connections, chemical, physical and metaphysical, between the mind, emotions and body. The functions and actions of one commonly affect the other two. Thus, in aiming for optimum health we are looking for a balance between mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. It is important, for good health, that you resolve any emotional issues as well as correct any physical problems.