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You’re not Alone


Loneliness can affect anyone at anytime. With people increasingly living and working on their own, it is a problem that will have to be faced by more and more of us in the next few years.

Yet loneliness does not just concern those who are physically alone; many people surrounded by others, or in stable relationships, can feel acutely lonely. We may feel lonely when we think we are not properly understood, or when our circumstances suddenly change, or when we lose some of our self-esteem.

Loneliness can afflict us suddenly and unexpectedly. This book examines how loneliness is a state of mind, and looks at practical ways not only of dealing with physical loneliness, but of understanding our emotional loneliness. It seeks to be a positive guide for those who want to enrich their sense of identity and enjoy life to the full.



You’re Not Alone: Guide to Understanding and Overcoming Feelings of Isolation
Paperback – 28 Apr 1997