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In VITAL SIGNS, Xandria Williams explains why current medical treatments for cancer are having so little effect. She draws on her research findings, scientific background and work as a nutritionist and naturopath specialising in cancer to help you to understand the cancer process and give expert advice on how you can detect and reverse the cancer process long before a tumour appears.

She gives accessible and practical advice on how to avoid cancer and monitor good health, what to do if you are afraid you may have cancer or be at risk of developing cancer, and complementary and alternative (CAM) approaches to follow if you currently have cancer or have just been diagnosed. These can be used safely alongside medical treatment. She also advises on how you can remain cancer free if you are in remission and want to avoid a recurrence.

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Vital Signs For Cancer: How to monitor, prevent and reverse the cancer process

Paperback – 2 Sep 2010

6 reviews for Vital Signs for Cancer

  1. L. Alexander

    By L. Alexander on 11 Oct. 2010

    If you want to lower the risk factors for getting cancer this book will show you how. However, if you are someone who is suffering from cancer, or who is involved with someone who is, this is an excellent resource. Written for the lay-person, it sets out clear steps to act upon to give your body the best chance of beating this disease. It is not a replacement for working with a naturopath/doctor, but it is a powerful tool for empowering yourself to make the choices essential to regaining your health. I particularly like the strong emphasis on testing, which allows the most accurate plan of recovery to be produced.

  2. Chris Bon


    By Chris Bon 10 April 2011

    This is highly recommended and forms the basis of self-protection for anyone concerned about not becoming one of the ever increasing statistics of cancer sufferers – if either never diagnosed or if already having received treatment. The approach is multi-disciplinary and very metabolically based, working with the bodys natural defences rather than trying to overpower them.

    But its not diffiuclt to understand as the writing style is straight forward and accessible. The explanation of why we get cancer is very clear – one does not just wake up one morning with it – it is a process, often very slow, unbeknown to us and the predisposing or risk factors are well described, with probably quite a number of surprises for most readers. It’s straight forward, well presented and thought out and shows that this drug-free approach can really work.

    The author is a highly respected chemist who changed direction to study human metabolism using naturopathy,nutrition,herbalism, homeopathy and psychotherapy at advanced therapeutic levels. She is supremely practical in her advice, speaking from the perspective of someone who knows this stuff really works, with all of its many evidenced based gold standard references.

    But she also knows from the perspective of a practitioner who, through her clinics and support group of CanSurvive Resource Centre, continues to help many people towards their recovery. The resources are excellent and do actually match with the text, which is constantly reminding us to work with a practitioner who knows what they’re doing and to validate the healing process by using proper metabolic tests; different ones than our regular doctors use and more cutting edge.

    This is advanced 21st century advice for cancer prevention and this book will become the future basis for both naturopathic medicine advocates and their patients. It works really well with the second, more advanced book in the proposed series of four books, “Cancer Concerns” which is more in depth for advanced practitioners or those folk who want to heal themselves without drugs or radiation. They are both really excellent.

  3. S. Sousaon

    Vital reference in the cancer field ( review from

    By S. Sousaon 20 May 2011

    This is the first book I think of when I think of cancer prevention, although it is also very useful for the ones that actually have already developed cancer. Full of clear explanations and sound advice. This is the sort of book that makes a difference in one’s life.

  4. Beaulyon

    Cancer Concern – review from

    By Beaulyon 31 March 2011

    Having received treatment for Cancer and being the sort of person who likes to walk up as many avenues as possible I found Vital Signs for Cancer a most useful book. It sets out in a clear and understandable manner many facts about Cancer and how in my case a sufferer can best deal with the disease.

    The book is practical and resolves many of my concerns. Scientific edge to complementary medicine reveals the writer’s professional background, suggesting treatments and cures that are firmly grounded and clearly to be followed. I even changed my diet as a result of reading this book and am much better for it.

  5. By thehousewife

    By thehousewife on 20 April 2011 (review via

    This book is a fantastic resource for anyone wanting to know how to prevent cancer and how to test for cancer. It is easy to read and I found the information about testing invaluable. Highly recommended.

  6. By Ms. Linda Weir “espaceblue”

    By Ms. Linda Weir “espaceblue”on 17 January 2011 (via

    i can’t xpress how high quality this book is, total sincere thorough research and information. have it for you and yours , now and in the future

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