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The liver handles hundreds of different reactions and its health affects every single part of your body. It may be the silent cause behind almost any symptom or health problem you may have and it can be in trouble even before you find yourself feeling ‘liverish’ or jaded either in general, or after rich foods or a heavy drinking session.

If you suffer from chronic fatigue or headaches, allergies or canidiasis, high blood pressure or PMS, hypoglycaemia, or mood swings, menopausal problems or osteoporosis this could be the breakthrough you’ve been looking for. The LIVER DETOX PLAN offers an easy-to-follow clean-up plan to leave you feeling fresh and revived and ready to start again! By following a 4 or 8-week-plan you can achieve greater vitality, energy, weight-loss (if desired) and repair the damage of your past lifestyle.


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7 reviews for Liver Detox Plan

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Amazon Customer

    Posted on Amazon by A Customer 5 Jun. 2002

    A believable comprehensive and cohesive work, just excellent !,

    Of all the books and articles I have read on health, vitamins, diets, etc. this is the one that made a difference. All the bits of advice, I have received piecemeal over the years were plugged together, and I saw a cohesive picture for the first time, and now understand what I was doing to my liver.

    This book adds scientific weight to traditional knowledge, and presents the most clear, balanced, understandable, practical and pragmatic advice for improving your diet, and life. It is the same advice that you will get from many books, but with scientific backup and realism, instead of hype. One sceptic now enjoying healthy food (eating more, losing weight, cholesterol, triglycerides and all liver function now normal ! ). Thanks.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Amazon Customer

    Posted on Amazon by A Customer on 27 Mar. 2000

    This book was so good I avoided a surgical operation

    This book was very informative and gave me the confidence to question medical doctors regarding the treatment of gall stones. The traditional method of treatment is surgery but having read this book I eliminated the symtoms of the disease, have lost several stones in weight and feel alive again! I have kept my gall bladder because I asked a question from this excellent book i.e.”why throw out the dustbin because it’s full of rubbish?” It has an excellent index for spot checking individual items and is easy to follow.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5


    Posted on Amazon By elle on 6 Sept. 2009

    Excellent, invaluable advice from a doctor who knows her stuff

    Thorough and consise, this book is not only a handy reference to keep flicking back , but also great recipes to try. She even mentions candida, an under- detected problem many people will have, simply by over prescribing of anti biotics, and how ‘toxic’ you are in general to be, (but please bear in mind, low, and balanced levels are good, its when these yeast-like bugs get out of control and have an impact on your immune and liver, since the liver has to try and process these ‘bugs’.)

    She tells you of how the role the liver plays is much bigger than you may have ever thought. I had a good go at this, and my energy levels were up, I felt much better as I was increasing what I ate, (as I don’t eat that much in the way of bad things, brought up to be sporty) but I was also eating the right amount of healthy foods. I also noticed that I seemed to grow/flourish more healthily in places involving the chest, (by a full cup-size) even though I’m 26 and should have finished growing đŸ˜€

    (And not because of putting weight on) Must be due to all the extra vitamins!! My skin also become much more rosy- again, must be the vits.

    I would venture to say that this cleanse would also make you lose weight, but I was already slim when starting this cleanse (5ft 11 and a toned size 8 ). Buy it, try it, love it. It can only have positive results, if followed to the letter. xx

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Lise L

    Posted on Amazon by Lise L ( on 31 Oct. 2001

    Well-researched, easy-to-follow and motivating

    This book was the tool I needed to turn my life around! I have lost more than 2 stone and that was just one of the side benefits of following the detox plan! It is a realistic plan as you can adapt it for your particular circumstances as well as very thorough! The benefits of cleansing the liver are explained in excellent details – whoever thought so much was affected by the liver!! I enjoyed dramatically increased energy-levels and clear skin / eyes, weight loss (etc)within the first week!!!!!

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    Amazon Customer

    Posted on Amazon by A Customer on 21 Dec. 2001

    Good enough to make you detox and respect your liver

    I had a vague notion the liver was important, but had no idea just how important. Ms William’s book is excellent in all repects; information, recepies for detox, etc. This book made me give up smoking, after 25 years; I now want to go & see Xandria Williams at her London practice and hopefully change my life forever.

  6. Rated 5 out of 5

    Christala Rosina

    Highly recommended. By Christala Rosina on 8 Dec. 2008

    A plan for living

    It may seem unexpected to find a poet reviewing such a work, but poets have livers too, so I’m told, and, after reading Xandria Williams’s remarkable book (‘Liver Detox Plan’, Vermilion, London, 1998), I’m certainly convinced I have. Why? Because, acquaintance with the fascinating, if unpalatable, truth meant that I was able to detect clearly the visible, shocking, incriminating signs of abuse. Yes – if horrific enough (and believe me, it’s easy enough to get there), continual abuse of our livers (which, for most of us, probably translates as normal living) is actually visible to the naked eye. And this book will take you there – if you’re brave enough to go.

    If, like me, you knew nothing whatsoever of the role of this astonishing organ, this book will not only be one of the most extraordinary you will ever read, but you will also finish it (metaphorically at least) on your knees in reverence and awe before such a miracle of creation – not to mention wondering how on earth you’ve managed to stay alive this long. Too often, books on such subjects are vague and summative but, I’m glad to say, Xandria Williams does not insult the intelligence of her readers. Her book provides a real and fascinating education into this amazing and astonishingly hard-working component of our physical selves.

    She begins with an overview of the liver’s role (detailed and fascinating in itself) and goes on to provide a veritable reference-work of what the liver does, what harms it (be afraid – be very afraid!) and what goes wrong. But, of course, the main aim of the book is to give you a plan for cleansing the liver (and after reading the other sections, you’ll be left in no doubt as to your need for it). The plan is realistically offered on either a 3- or 6-week basis, according to the extent of detoxification needed, the freedom one has to stick to such a plan and the willpower one has to do so. Xandria recognises our limitations and encourages and supports all the way.

    It is surprising not only how much one can eat from Day One but also just what one can eat. The plan is not about fasting (Xandria explains why). A pleasant surprise is the interesting list of recipes provided in case you need inspiration (or are so unacquainted with carrots, you don’t know what to do with them). Some of these are so nice, I’ve incorporated them into my regular culinary repertoire (the banana mayonnaise is particularly – and unexpectedly – worth retaining!). Crucially, though, does the plan work? Yes, it does. After three weeks (I decided I was not sufficiently toxic to require the longer plan though my body may have been inclined to argue the point, had it been asked), I was delighted with the outcome. Even more encouragingly, the book has been sufficiently motivating for me to make some changes permanent – with happily visible results.

    A weakness, however, is Xandria’s failure to pay more attention to the needs of vegetarians and vegans (though if you eat fish, you’ll be fine). Also, a long list of supplements is included which, even if you have some familiarity with them, can take a considerable amount of research to choose and find. Xandria remarks that it would not be appropriate to recommend a particular supplier; however, I would suggest that an arrangement with a reputable supplier who the novice reader can then trust to supply a multi-formula is precisely what is needed. Lastly, I feel the section on the plan itself needs re-arranging to improve clarity, even if this means increasing the number of pages in the book. It is, perhaps, time for a second edition.

    All in all, however, this is a simply excellent, informative and practical guide to raising the level of one’s well-being based on emphatic instruction of how our bodies work, combined with shocking revelations of how we fight against our own best interests. Xandria’s style throughout is not only warm and direct, but also highly motivating and realistically-focused on the achievable.

    Highly recommended. By Christala Rosina on 8 Dec. 2008

  7. Rated 4 out of 5


    Great product

    Well impressed with this product I like it that much I told my friends and family and they bought it too so get it yourself

    Posted on Amazon By Chrisso (burton on trent).

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