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From Stress To Success


Mental techniques and 10 step nutrition plan to transform your life

Although we often feel that stress is caused by external factors, “… my boyfriend makes me stressed!” “… my sales targets are making me stressed!” – it’s actually more useful in the long term for us to recognise that stress is something that comes from within ourselves – it’s a Response.

Each time we get stressed, it is the result of our own unique response to the situation we are in. If we want to eradicate stress, we must learn to discover the real causes of the way we feel. Xandria Williams’ wise and effective 10 step approach shows clearly how we can achieve this.

Work out what you really mean by ‘stressed’ – are you worried? angry? resentful? guilty? dominated? out of control? – and get to the root of your responses.
• Find out how to identify and face up to your worst case scenario.
• Believe in a positive future.
• Set yourself realistic goals.
• Stop worrying about what other people will think of you.
• Understand some of the physical causes of stress – and how to eliminate them.


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From Stress To Success: 10 Steps to a Relaxed and Happy Life: a unique mind and body plan
Paperback – 18 Jun 2001