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Detecting Cancer


This book is essential reading if you wish to (a) avoid cancer or (b) detect it at the earliest possible moment, while recovery is relatively simple.

In it, Dr Xandria Williams presents a logical and scientifically grounded view of the process by which cancer develops, from lifestyle-induced basic cellular changes up to a metastatic tumour. Based on this understanding, Dr Xandria Williams presents a descriptions of two test panels.

The results of the first can warn you of the start of this Cancer Process, long before a tumour is present. With this knowledge you can reverse the early Cancer Process in ways that are non-toxic and non-painful. If cancer is present, the results of the second test panel can indicate the best lifestyle and dietary changes which, in combination with the most appropriate natural remedies, can greatly aid your recovery, in ways that restore normal body function (homoeostasis) and, again, cause no harm, toxic or unpleasant side-effects.

This concept of cancer genesis and testing leads logically on to many powerful lifestyle changes and natural therapies that can be the basis of your own unique remission or recovery programme. The knowledge that this information is available should give you greater confidence in the wisdom of following the ideas Dr Xandria Williams presents. The book is well researched, thoroughly referenced and founded on the work of many eminent research scientists and practitioners.

It is an important read for anyone concerned about cancer in particular and their overall health in general, whether or not you choose to incorporate medical options into your therapy. It is the third book of her ‘Cancer Quintet’.

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Detecting Cancer Paperback – 31 Dec 2013