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General Level Membership
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Open to anyone, no matter what your background or training. Dr Xandria Williams has a long history of writing and lecturing to people with little or no academic naturopathic or biochemistry training, as well as to professionals in this field. This is why we offer two levels of membership. The General Level is planned to be free and it contains videos presented in lay and general terms. The Q and A interchanges for this level will be presented in appropriately general terms.
Professional Level Membership
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The Professional Level Membership is subject to a modest monthly or yearly fee. This Membership level is opened to anyone but it will be assumed that members are students or practitioners of nutrition, naturopathy, herbal medicine or other related subjects. These videos and the Q and A interchanges for this level will be presented in appropriate and more technical terms.
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We also offer a number of Seminars, which will be available in video format, but for which there will be a fee. Most of them, when presented in person, are full one-day or two-day Seminars. The Advanced Cancer Care Course Seminar Series is divided into several Seminars, each of which is presented over two or more weekends, as groups of videoed Seminars.