Xandria Williams studied chemistry at Imperial College, London [B.Sc, (IIA), ARCS, and DIC.) and at Otago University New Zealand (M.Sc.). Her first career was as an exploration and research geochemist in the mining industry, involved in mineral and oil exploration, based in a number of Southern Hemisphere countries.

She was in Sydney, Australia when she changed profession and turned to biochemistry and the study of human metabolism, nutrition, naturopathy, herbal medicine and homeopathy (N.D. and D.B.M.).  She then did post-graduate courses in psychotherapy (NLP and others).

She has been in private practice for over 7ears, initially in Sydney, now in England. She has always helped people with a wide range of both physical and emotional problems but in recent years has focused progressively on the prevention and care of the more serious degenerative diseases.

She has been head of the Nutrition and Biochemistry Department in, and lectured extensively at, several Naturopathic, Chiropractic and Osteopathic colleges, both in Australia and England, and continues to give lectures to post graduate students. She currently lectures to under-graduate students at CNM, the College of Naturopathic medicine, in London and gives the seminars that form the core of CSRTC, the CanSurvive Resource and Training Centre, that she runs.  She has appeared frequently on radio and television.

Her published works include twenty books with two in press and two in process, and over 400 articles on physical and mental health care. Since 2000 she has extensively research the alternative and complementary possibilities in relation to cancer, has publlished three books on the subject. A thesis that formed part of a PhD on the very early detection of cancer is included in the third book in the series, ‘Detecting Cancer’.


Other interests

Xandria spends several days a month at her property in Co Kildare, Ireland.
While there she both sees patients and breeds and sells alpacas www.alpacas-of-ireland.com Visitors are welcome by appointment through her London office.