CanSurvive Resource Centre (CSRC) Fees

Dr Xandria Williams is based in Chelsea/Belgravia, Central London. She provides cancer support and works with clients by Zoom and Skype and by phone. After two decades in general practice in Sydney, she has focused entirely, during the past two decades in London, on helping and supporting people who are concerned about cancer. She has now extended that to the application of a number of psychotherapy and stress-reduction techniques, on which she has also written a number of books.

Cancer, understanding and prevention, has been her research focus during this time. She is happy to help you if you are concerned about the prevention of the disease or are looking for supportive help if you already have the disease.


If you would like personalised advice please contact our office on 020-7824-8153.  In addition, you may like to join our open Zoom discussions where you can ask for guidance and advice.  There is no charge for these Open Zoom Sessions.


Dr Williams may make recommendations of various supplements and nutritional aids that might be of benefit to you. These can be purchased from our office, via our online discount contacts or elsewhere.  However, it is generally beneficial to purchase the specific recommends brands or products as Dr Williams has generally researched these in detail.


Other Options

Pre-Consultation Questionnaires

Dr Williams generally adapts her recommendations and strategies to the individual metabolic needs of each client. You may therefore wish to complete one, or both, of the relevant questionnaires in association with these discussions.


Psychotherapy sessions

Psychotherapy sessions are generally held vi\a Zoom.  In exceptional circumstances they can be held in our office.

Up to 1 hour: £95

Client Support Seminars

When we are asked, we can offer a one-day general seminar to clients who would like to learn more about our approach to cancer.  Contact CanSurvive  via Education@xandriawilliams.co.uk to learn more of the theory and science underpinning our suggestions, and to learn more about practical details etc. Please contact us for further information.

A client attendee is invited to bring a partner, carer or supportive friend.

A client may attend a subsequent repeat of the seminar, spaces permitting.

Client 1- day seminar, 10.00 am to 5.00 pm £ 95
Client’s ‘partner, £ 50
Client seminar repeat, if spaces are available £ 50

Please note it is not our intention that this seminar replaces a consultation, nor will the day include specific personal advice, that should be covered by consultations. This seminar presentation is for education purposes.



If these are necessary or deemed advisable, are then discussed and organised.
Fees for the tests are generally charged by, and paid directly to, the laboratories.



Even though late arrivals are unavoidable at times, clients are reminded that Dr Williams might be unable to extend the appointment time, due to other subsequent commitments. Our cancellation policy applies in such cases.



Notice of any cancellation must be given two full working days prior to your consultation time. Otherwise, a cancellation fee of 50% will be charged.

Consultations cancelled on the day they are booked will be charged at the full rate.

We ask that you pay for Zoom consultations prior to your consultation time.