About Xandria

Dr Xandria Williams PhD, MSc., DIC, ARCS, MRSC - CopyDr Xandria Williams is fundamentally a scientist. She was first a chemist, then a geochemist, and then rapidly turned to biochemistry and the study of physiology, biochemistry, health and nutrition.

She takes seriously the dictum “NoPrimum non nocere” or “First do no harm”, often claimed to be part of the Hippocratic Oath which actually instructs “to abstain from doing harm”. Thus she sees no rational or secure basis for treating diseases with toxic and harmful drugs when almost all health problems can be resolved by (a) giving the body what it does need and (b) removing or protecting it from toxins and things it does not need.

She also respects a Chinese proverb that states: “Superior doctors prevent disease, mediocre doctors treat impending disease, inferior doctors treat actual disease.” Prevention deserves more than lip service, though it rarely gets it. Thus it is no surprise to find that she “walks her talk” and has always followed herself, all the good advice she gives her students and clients.

In this she recognises the uniqueness of each individual and values the work of Dr Roger Williams and the concept of ‘Biochemical Individuality’. No one diet, however many people it may help, is the right diet for everyone. Her approach to the restoration and maintenance of good health is focused on helping each individual to determine their own unique needs, in nutrition, lifestyle, supplements and more.

Good health is about much more than taking care of the body. Emotional, mental, spiritual health, call it what you will, is an equal aspect of optimum health, and in this regard she draws on her own philosophy of life and her training in many different forms of psychotherapy.

She derives about equal pleasure from researching, writing, teaching students and helping clients, and these have shaped her career and her life.