September 2018

Candidiasis – Walkout


Margery Hughes was well-dressed, elegant, and obviously used to living a sophisticated lifestyle.  She sat down in my office and started by asking me questions, taking control, something I assumed was her usual habit.

She had been unwell for some time, but with a variety of vague and seemingly disconnected symptoms. At one point she became frustrated at the way our discussion was going and did nothing to hide this from me. Clearly, she had little control over her emotions.

Eventually, I acquired a list of her problems.  They included indigestion, bloating, passing wind and […]

August 2018



One of the benefits of my office in Sydney was that it was at the front of the house and through the window by my desk, I could look out over our herb garden to the street and see clients and other visitors as they arrived.

I was expecting Martin, however, I was not expecting him to be walking at a pace that would put a snail to shame. Somewhere in his 50s, he should have been walking better than that. Clearly, there was more wrong than I had been told. Dr Archie Kalokerinos, […]

A Surprising Outcome


The office assistants had left early, so when the phone rang at 5:50 pm, it was up to me to pick it up. The person on the other end of the line offered no introduction, just the blunt question, “Do you treat cancer?”

“No, I am sorry I don’t treat cancer,” I replied.

“Oh, so what do you do then? I have a friend with cancer that you helped so I thought you treated cancer.” I explained that I do not specifically treat specific diseases or health problems.

Treating a disease or a set of […]

July 2018

Congested Sinuses


When Denis walked into my office one winter afternoon and sat down across from me, I could hardly make out what he was saying. He sounded muffled as if he had been holding his nose.

After brief introductions, all became clear. Denis explained that he had been experiencing dreadful sinus problems for quite some time. He came to see me because he heard that I may be able to help him get rid of his congestion so he could speak normally again.

After a bit more questioning, I began to suspect several allergies, so […]

Girl Guide


My first career was as a geochemist in mineral and oil explorations. This necessarily involved a lot of chemistry and a lot of field work, camping in various and varied parts all over the Southern Hemisphere, with the exception of South America. The conditions were frequently rugged, often wet and dirty, sometimes dangerous but nearly always glorious, interesting and fun.

I had served as a Girl Guide for several years while in school, so I had become well used to camping with my troupe. One of these camping experiences turned out to be […]

June 2018

Broken Appointments


I was sitting at my desk first thing in the morning when I heard a door slam, followed by heavy stomping along the corridor. Just then Mary-Anne burst into my office very upset.

“Why are people so inconsiderate?” she asked. “The client I had booked in for this morning has just phoned to cancel stating that she is too busy! Her friend is in town and they want to go shopping together, and she would like to come next week instead. What am I supposed to do?  Sit and twiddle my thumbs for […]

Theatre Tickets


Deidre arrived at my Sydney office in a whirlwind. She was an elegant woman in her early thirties who was elegant, well dressed and confident. I quickly learned that she was also a very capable woman who ran her very own successful business. However, she was suffering from indigestion, heartburn, candida and I suspected she was well on her way to developing an ulcer. She was clearly an on-the-go person who thrived on running her business, but she was driving herself very hard. I warned her of the effects of this lifestyle on […]

May 2018

Footballer’s Aches


A pill for an ill – it works occasionally.

In Sydney, when I was in general practice, my office was situated at the top of a steep flight of stairs. One Saturday afternoon, as I waited for my next client to arrive, I could hear something of a laboured attempt to climb them.

When David finally reached my office, I hardly needed to ask what the problem was. “It’s my joints”, he explained. “They are fine most of the time but not on Saturdays, and the doctor says it’s not arthritis.” I wondered what could […]

April 2018

Devonshire Cream Teas


Looking at the list of clients for the day, I noticed Betty’s name and wondered what she would report. Betty had a range of health problems which we had been addressing, particularly with her family history of diabetes in mind. A middle-aged widow with no children, she lived alone but was keen to maintain the lifestyle and friends she had while she was married.  She worked hard at her job but felt as though she struggled to keep up. Most days she felt overwhelmed with her administrative responsibilities which involved supporting co-workers in […]

Milk and Charles


Charles and his wife visited my clinic one sunny afternoon. His wife explained that Charles was generally wonderful, however, in recent months he had become tense, irritable and moody, making him very difficult to get on with. He also complained of indigestion and low energy.

Following further questioning, I had decided to run a test for food sensitivities. About a week later, the couple came in together to discuss the results and looked expectant.

I anticipated a straightforward consultation, something along the lines of, “These are the foods that you are intolerant to and you […]