October 2018

Cancer Partners

At a recent Friday evening ‘client support party’ we had some interesting input. Two men were in the group who were there to support their wives, both of whom were dealing with advanced cancer.

As usual, everyone in the room shared their ‘story,’ unless they chose not to. They shared their experiences, how they had dealt with specific situations, what they had found helpful, sources of supplies, where to get the best services, the best brands of equipment, the best prices, and more.  There is a huge amount to learn and share when your life […]

September 2018

Cracking Cancer


Dr John Beard, a distinguished embryologist, was born in 1858. He was educated at the University of London and completed his doctoral degree at the University of Frieberg in Germany. In the latter part of 1906, he received a nomination for the Nobel prize. In 1911, he published his subsequent work in a book entitled, ‘The Enzymatic Treatment of Cancer.’ It is a great shame that his ideas did not receive more attention at that time. With the current re-emerging interest in the Metabolic and Biochemical Theory of cancer and a more rational […]

Eat Organic and Save


I frequently hear clients saying that it costs too much to eat organic foods and health foods. Tessa and her family proved this to be untrue, as have many other people both before and since, but not always so succinctly and precisely.

Tessa came to see me, with her husband, who was complaining of a number of mild but troublesome health problems. His doctor had done the usual tests, basic blood biochemistry and similar, and pronounced him well, possibly just tired from a heavy load at work, and suggested he take a short break.  […]

Whizzes and More


Eating Raw – with maximum nutrients,  multiple variations and innovative options.

This is just what you need to lay a foundation for good health and, if you have a health problem, to contribute to recovery.

Most of the food that is commercially available today is depleted in nutrients when compared to food that is fully grown and ripened on the plant, picked fresh and eaten raw. Therefore, it is especially important for human health to conserve and maximize the nutrients from the food you eat as much as you can.

The minor or trace nutrients in […]

August 2018

Thyroid Wipeout


During my time as an undergraduate at Imperial College, I worked in a laboratory that was attached to a cyclotron where they produced radioactive compounds, which we would then analyse or use in the lab. This was back in 1960 when security was not quite as strict as it is now. One day, in particular, was much more exciting than usual. A technician had been walking along the corridor that circumvented the cyclotron, and he had a Geiger counter in his hand that was switched on. Suddenly, it registered way off scale. It […]

Introduction to Cancer Basics


Cancer is one of the most feared diseases of our time. Yet, ironically, it can also be said to be one of the simplest, but only if we fully understand the cancer basics.

Cancer is not a disease of an organ, it occurs at an organ, specific tissue or location. Nor is it a disease that is caused by a parasite, bacteria or virus, although the presence of some of these can often aggravate or contribute to a problem that is developing.

For the past hundred years, the cause has been known, recognized, stated, and […]

Seeds, Starch and Oil


A woman came to see me concerned that she was not losing weight. She had several kilos to lose and insisted that she did not eat sugar or junk food. She explained that she had tried to lose weight for several years but had failed miserably.

She said that she was not keen on vegetables, loved meat and bitter flavours such as rocket, horseradish and English mustard. I recommended that she try the ketogenic diet and she replied emphatically, “Oh, I’ve tried that, and it simply doesn’t work!”

So, I asked her what she ate […]

July 2018

Jack Sprat


Jack Sprat could eat no fat, his wife could eat no lean,

so betwixt the pair of them, they ate the platter clean.

That’s all I could remember from my childhood, but the lines crept unwanted into my brain as I sat across from John and his wife, whom I choose to call Joan.

This was the third time they had come into my office, and they were bringing me up to date with their progress.

They had come in shortly after John had been diagnosed with a slow-growing prostate cancer.  While neither of them was […]

Fibre Friday


Margaret came into my office with a spring in her step and a parcel balanced somewhat precariously on her free hand.  This was her third consultation.  She had presented with breast cancer and a strong desire to do all she could to improve her health herself.

We had discussed her diet and her detox program. She was keen to get started and began by purchasing some of the equipment I had suggested, including a juicer. After a week or so of making herself a litre of vegetable juice each day, she noticed that […]

June 2018

Two-Part Pancreas


During my two decades in general practice in Sydney, I served as head of the biochemistry and nutrition departments at the two colleges where, sequentially, I taught. As such, I had to include the role of the pancreas in my lectures as far as it was relevant.  It turned out, it was very relevant. The pancreas impacts on sugar intake and metabolism and also on the digestion and absorption of food and nutrients. Clearly, both have a bearing on nutrition and could best be understood if I also explored and explained the […]