September 2019

Thick and frothy ‘dandyccino’

I confess to enjoying a cappuccino, but as ever, I have a keen eye for ways of improving the health benefits of it and minimising any possible downsides. I set about exploring ways to improve the health benefits of the standard offering.

There is no real problem with the coffee itself providing it is organic coffee. We are extremely fortunate to have a great local shop, Pret-A-Manger, that serves up both organic coffee and milk!

One website lists eleven potential benefits you could derive from drinking your daily cuppa. 7

  1. Cut the pain
  2. Increase fibre […]

August 2019

The Mystery of Reading Food Labels

So, you may think you can ‘read’ food labels – and that you know what the terms mean?

This Note is not intended to be a definitive discussion – just a warning to help limit the number of wrong assumptions it is all too easy to make when reading food labels. There are many different ways that the manufacturers can ‘dress up’ their products to make them sound better, or ‘more natural’ than they really are. Here are just one or two examples to get you thinking!

Years back, when I was in Australia and advising […]

Should We All Give Up Meat?

If we did, would it help save the resources of the planet?

I will show that the answer to both questions is probably no.

It is time to think before initiating a knee-jerk reaction or response. It is also appropriate to think of the consequences, in a larger context, of making such a sweeping change. Some changes would certainly be beneficial, but some would certainly not.

People are not all the same. That should be blindingly obvious to us all. But it doesn’t seem to be. Some people are night owls, while others are up with the […]

Root Canals

We routinely warn clients against the use of silver or mercury fillings in their teeth and root canals in their gums. Over the decades during which I have been in practice, it has been a struggle to have mercury recognised as a toxin by most dentists. Thankfully, most of the clients that I see do not have mercury fillings, but I suspect this is not the case with the population at large. Too many dentists are still keen or willing to use it, though, in fact, there are signs that this may be on […]

July 2019

NLP Training

I was very lucky with the many training opportunities I had during the years after I graduated with my Naturopathic Diploma, at the start of the first half of my career in Australia.  At the time,  natural therapies, and the associated psychotherapies were forging ahead and we attracted a huge number of visiting professional speakers. They were mostly from America, and they were all amazed at the size of the audiences they attracted in small towns and cities in Australia.

One organisation that did us very proud was Grinder, de Lozier and Associates.  Neuro-linguistic Programming, […]

An Aluminium Thread

Thirty years ago during my time in Sydney, I chose to highlight the dangers of aluminium on one of my weekly radio programs. In those days many frying pans, saucepans, teapots, graters and other culinary-related items were commonly made of aluminium. It was also present in a number of items commonly consumed.

One of my patients back then, Betty Jenson, was an ex-music teacher who had retired early to write a book on the history of the style of music in which she specialised. At least, that was her plan. However, she was finding that […]

June 2019

Recipe Evolution

Last Friday, I provided a ‘whiz’ as my contribution to the dinner for the group of guests that joined me for our regular Open House Evening. I needed to make another dish this week that would show my guests that eating ‘raw’ can be delicious and satisfying.

It had been a busy day and I only had fifteen minutes between the departure of my last client and the arrival of the first visitor for the evening, so my dish had to be something quick! I chose ‘cauliflower rice’ which is a dish that many people […]

Raw Note

As usual, last Friday evening we had our weekly Open House. This regular event is open to our clients and to people with cancer who are interested in following our Metabolic approach to cancer support. These evenings are educational and informative on one hand, supportive and fun on the other!

Each attendee is asked to bring a dish of raw, low-starch organic food to share. We set the food out on the table at the beginning of the evening and began with a general discussion that got the evening going. When we got to the […]

May 2019


While I was in general practice in Australia, I enjoyed working with people with arthritis.  One morning, I was particularly inspired following a radio interview to which I listened as a trapped audience on my way to work. The interviewer described the arthritis specialist in glowing terms, she was clearly impressed.  The specialist stressed that he had done seven years of medical training, then several more years of surgical training, then even more years of training in arthrology. Wow, impressive credentials! He outlined the different types of arthritis and described them in detail. He […]

Returning Client

Looking at my diary, I saw that Pauline Summers had booked in for a consultation. The name seemed familiar, but I could not place her. When I looked at her file I knew why. It had been nearly four years since I had last seen her. At the time, she had recently been diagnosed with breast cancer. She began to follow my recommendations but had given up after three appointments and I had not heard from her since. I was interested to hear what she was doing since I had last seen her. It […]