1995 – present: UK and Ireland: biochemist, naturopath, lecturer and author
1973 – 1996 Australia:  Focus on biochemistry, naturopathic practitioner, lecturer and author
1958-1973: 12 years as an exploration geochemist in the mining industry, southern hemisphere

UK: Chemistry degree, Imperial College.


2013 Ph.D.   ‘The very early detection of cancer’.  Two proposed test panels For early detection and planning recovery
1980 – present: Many postgraduate study seminars and courses.
1994 Hypnotherapy training
1988 Certificate of Rebirthing
1987 Practitioner Diploma of Neurolinguistic Programming, NLP
1986 Diploma of Advanced Reiki Therapy [levels 1 and 2]
1979 Diploma of Naturopathic Medicine (ND), Botanic Medicine (DBM), (3 ½  year full time course)
1966-68 Research  Assistant, Imperial College, London. Diploma of Imperial College, D.I.C.
Published two research papers
1966 Queen Elizabeth College, London, Commenced studies in Nutrition.
1964 M.Sc. in Chemistry from Otago University. Published three research papers.
1961 Graduated B.Sc. Upper Second Class Honours in Chemistry, Imperial College, London
Associate of the Royal College of Science, A.R.C.S
1958-1960. Undergraduate, Chemistry department, Imperial College, London, with scholarship


2000 – present Naturopathic and Psychotherapy practice in Co, Kildare, Ireland
1995 – present Naturopathic and Psychotherapy practice in central London   (Head office and main clinic)
1990-1995 Occasional practice in London, U.K.
1979-1995 Clinic: Naturopathy, nutrition, botanical medicine, psychotherapy practice, in Sydney, Australia
1973-1979 Nutrition clinic, (3 rooms) associated with the nutritional, herbal and naturopathic dispensary


1970-73 Senior consultant geochemist, for Layton and Associates in Sydney
1968-69 Research scientist (geochemist) the West Australian Geological Survey.
Published three Research Bulletins.
1965 Employed  by the British Overseas Office as Geochemist  in the Fiji Geological Survey.
1961-64 Employed by New Zealand Geological Survey, research. M.Sc.Published three papers


2014- College of Natural Medicine, Biochemistry and Nutrition
1998- Institute of Optimum Nutrition,  Biochemistry and Nutrition
1998-1999 British College of Naturopathy and Osteopathy, lecturer in Biochemistry and Nutrition
1996- Occasional lecturer at other colleges.
1983-1993 Naturecare College of Naturopathic Medicine,
Dean of Nutrition and Biochemistry department, lecturing in biochemistry and nutrition.
1978-1983 New South Wales College of Natural Therapies
Dean of Nutrition and Biochemistry department, lecturing in biochemistry and nutrition
1982-1983 and Sydney College of Chiropractic.  In Biochemistry, Nutrition
1978- present Courses in Nutrition, Biochemistry, Physiology and Naturopathy in several private colleges, to pharmacy associations and postgraduate practitioner seminars.
1978-1985 N.S.W. College of Natural Therapies, in Biochemistry and Nutrition.
Dean of Nutrition and Biochemistry department
1978-1980 College of Orthomolecular Nutrition, in Biochemistry and Nutrition.
1976- Numerous lectures to a wide variety of groups including Parents-without Partners, mothers’ groups, present school groups, Candida support group, Hypoglycemic Association, Women and management, private interest groups, M.I.N.D.S., SWAP etc. Auckland, New Zealand – International Nutrition Mind Body Spirit Festival, Christchurch, New Zealand, Natural Healing Week, Key note speaker John Bastyr College, Seattle, Washington,  Naturopathic College, Portland Oregon, USA Ireland, (Dublin)  – Trinity University, on Natural Therapies

PERSONAL GROWTH WORKSHOPS – (designed and lead)

1988- Seminar: “Parts Dialogue” discovering different aspects of the self, often buried or unrecognised, learning to balance these and use the information to the individual’s best advantage both for themselves and in their relationships with others.
1988- Seminar:  “Choosing Self Intentionally. CSI”  for graduates of CHI.
1987- Seminar:  “Choosing Weight Intentionally” (CWI) an experiential, personal development workshop based on the mind-body connection, psychoneurophysiology, relating to obesity, anorexia, eating problems and emotional issues relating to food and self-esteem.
1986- Seminar:  “Choosing Health Intentionally” (CHI) an experiential, personal development workshop based on the mind-body connection, psychoneurophysiology, encompassing emotional and physical health and well-being and stress management.