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Book Review for ‘Detecting Cancer’


This is the third book in DrWilliams’ Cancer Quintet. (The first book is Vital Signs for Cancer, and the second is Cancer Concerns: A Practical 10-Step Programme

Described and Explained.) Detecting Cancer is in two parts. In the first part, Dr. Williams gently takes the reader through an explanation of cell biology, the development of cancer, the role of mitochondria, and her test panels. This part can readily be understood by those without a background in molecular biology, biochemistry or medicine; this is in no small part a reflection of Dr. Williams’ engaging style of writing coupled with generous repetitions of key concepts in different ways, so that the fundamental ideas have the opportunity to “stick” in the mind.

The second part of the book essentially consists of a reprint of Dr. Williams’ doctoral thesis.In the main it contains the same material as in first part, but with much more scientific detail and with the level of referencing which is to be expected in a PhD thesis. Normally, most readers would have difficulty in reading the doctoral thesis, but in this book the first part has already introduced the key concepts. The result is that reading the second part of the book becomes very enjoyable. Indeed, I had difficulty putting the book down.

The second part also serves once again to reinforce the author’s key ideas. The author builds on the ground-breaking ideas regarding the pathophysiology of cancer, from almost a century ago, of the Nobel laureate Dr Otto Warburg. This is a brilliant book written by a highly intelligent author who comes across as a very caring person.

For the second edition, I hope that the publisher will consider allowing the addition of diagrams and flowcharts. Meanwhile, the present first edition deserves a high level of success. I believe that every practising clinician who might have to look after a patient who could develop cancer, and every researcher studying mammalian cancer, ought to read this excellent book.”


Professor B. K. Puri

Faculty of Medicine, Imperial College, London

Book Review for ‘CANCER CONCERNS’


This second book on cancer written by Xandria Williams (following Vital Signs) is an excellent book and highly recommended. It is authoritative yet totally accessible and very practical.

Williams has managed to walk that delicate balance between a scientific, intellectual approach required by knowledgeable practitioners and one which is comprehensible and very clear to anyone concerned about becoming and staying well. Although there is enough information, detail and resources in the book for anybody, she nevertheless strongly recommends that patients work alongside a practitioner – who themselves will inevitably learn immensely from reading this!

The various evidence-based, nutritional and naturopathic treatments discussed have gold standard references and represent what should become the future way to treat cancer. Her CAM approach (complementary, alternative and metabolic) really does represent a better way – a very different way of the “war” against cancer – recruiting the body’s own defences and working with it instead of relying on external forces to smash the immune system to bits, destroying the very mechanisms within the body designed to defend us from cancer with its dreadful side effects.

Nothing in this book will harm us in any way but all the methods outlined nourish the body and allow it to work properly, defending itself and getting back to a healthful balance. It just makes so much sense it makes one wonder why we buy into any other form of treatment! Yet it can also be used within a more regular context too. The steps described are very clear and, brilliantly, are all supported with first class evidence and suggestions regarding testing to ensure that you know the treatments are working.

This is a different type of “alternative” cancer book. What Williams has written about here is cutting edge, yet blends new scientific knowledge with the wisdom of ancient naturopathic philosophy, in an accessible format. In my naturopathic practice, I have many different cancer help books but this one really works and I will definitely suggest all cancer patients read it. I cannot recommend it highly enough.


Chris Burley