CanSurvive Cancer Care Course

Written and Presented by:  Dr Xandria Williams, PhD, MSc, DIC, ARCS, ND. Biochemist, Naturopath, Nutritional Therapist, Psychotherapist

The Course:

The following topics will be covered during the course, although the sequence may vary somewhat, as the course progresses. It is anticipated that the course will last for 18 months. The actual amount of time needed will depend on the participants, their skills, needs, wants, and goals. It is more important to have well-trained practitioners, particularly in relation to such a serious subject, than proceed without a firm foundation or to rush through the course in a given time.

The course covers:

CanSurvive Cancer Care Course Foundation – LEVEL 1

  • Foundation concepts, precision and targeted personal considerations, Unique Metabolic Needs (UMN), with physiological tests and a practical approach – this broad topic will be covered in the first weekend
  • Practitioner-client relationships, rapport-building, personality types, practical session. Beyond life (if appropriate)
  • Medical terminology, history, practices and approach – genetic considerations, general procedures. Somatic mutation theory. Cancer as a Metabolic Disease, working towards homoeostasis and good health.  Prevention and ‘recovery’ strategies. PreDisposing Factors (PDFs) and their corrections.
  • First Consultation, strategy, sequence, overview and explanations.  The topics are covered in greater depth further along the course.
  • The Cancer Process. Mitochondria, structure, function and errors. The Warburg effect, glucose GLUT, high-fructose corn syrup and related carbohydrate biochemistry. The ketogenic diet, eicosanoids and related lipid biochemistry.  Protein needs, foods, and relevant biochemistry
  • Group 1 and Group 2 nutrients – based on UMNs
  • Super Foods and Super Nutrients – both in general and as related to UMN’s
  • Research evidence for culinary herbs and spices, phytonutrients, nutraceuticals. Kitchen considerations, equipment
  • Toxins: avoidance strategies, and detox procedures
  • Stress, destressing, theoretical concepts and practical workshop
  • Relevant tests, including the CA1 test panel – theory, details, case histories

CanSurvive Cancer Care Course Advanced – LEVEL 2

  • Dr. Beard and the trophoblastic concept.  Dr. Kelly and the role of the pancreas (in depth), TATI
  • CA2 Profile, research-based targeted responses to the result obtained.  Hanahan and Weinberg – targeting the ten (or more) characteristics of cancer cells
  • P53, P21, P185 and the cell cycle
  • Apoptosis, BAX, Bcl-2 and Survivin
  • Angiogenesis, VEGF
  • Metastasis: mechanisms, understanding, detection, prevention and reduction of risk.  Telomerase and the Hayflick limit
  • Immune system and immune recovery. Inflammation, phytonutrients, medical mushrooms, mistletoe
  • Other relevant tests and indicators, and practical responses to the results


  • There will be a blend of fundamental biochemistry and physiology with practical applications and clinical uses.
  • Detailed case histories will be presented throughout, to demonstrate the information given.
  • Participants will be expected to participate – to determine and apply their own UMN, to follow the diets as indicated and implement the detox strategies and the de-stressing techniques.

TIME, LOCATION and FEES for the LEVEL 1 modules:

The course is open to practitioners and advanced students with a keen interest in cancer.  Under certain ircumstances other people, particularly interested in the subject, may be permitted to attend, following an interview with Dr Xandria Williams

It is anticipated that the topics will be presented in the sequence given above, but we reserve the right to change this, as appropriate.
Level 1will consist of approximately 12 individual lecture days spread across 6 separate weekends, with intervals of three to four weeks between each. Each day will run from 9.00am to 5.30pm and the seminars will be held in central London.



The course is currently running.  If you are interested in enrolling in the next course please contact us by T: 020-7824-8153, or

 Additional Events to Consider:
All are subject to space restrictions.

Free Friday evening tutorials are offered throughout the course, approximately twice a month.
Mentoring opportunities will be available as the course progresses – Dr Williams will act in a supervisory role as you work together in support of your clients.
These clients, and you, can then also attend the Free Client Evenings that are run from the office, one evening a month.

You can book by emailing or ringing the office (see below).

The course is £150 per weekend and payment must be a minimum of 3 full seminars in advance at all time in addition to a permanent £250 rolling deposit that can be claimed at the end of the course.

 Extra discounts are applicable for delegates of the Cancer Concerns Seminars:

5% to delegates of past SL1
7.5% to delegates of past SL2
10% to delegates of past SL3

Please note, the material presented in the earlier segments of this Course is very different to, or is examined more deeply, broadly and thoroughly, than in our previous seminars: the SL1, SL2 and SL3 series.


For more information or to book your place contact us at: or T: 020-7824 8153 or T: 020-7730-9356


Dr Xandria Williams PhD, MSc., DIC, ARCS, MRSC - Copy


Dr. Xandria Williams, PhD, MSc, DIC, ARCS, ND, DBM has been a biochemist and naturopath for over forty years. Half that time has been in general practice, the other half in supporting people with cancer. Dr. Williams sees clients in her central London office, and on Skype. She lectures regularly and has published 22 books, three of them on cancer.