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Dr Williams is British, but an Australian-trained naturopath, nutritionist and herbalist with forty years of experience.  She is a psychotherapist and includes NLP, EFT, and many other positive techniques in her aim to help reduce stress and normalise emotional issues.  Her work is focused on supporting people who are concerned about cancer prevention and cancer support and restoring homoeostasis by supportive and non-toxic means.

Her practice is readily accessible in Central London, by many forms of public transport, and she also consults on line (using Zoom) and by phone.

Contact her and the practice T: 020-7824-8153 or E:

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Welcome to the CanSurvive Education Centre

Dr Xandria Williams has had over forty years of experience teaching and explaining biochemistry, nutritional therapies and various aspect of naturopathy, and psychotherapy. She has done this by lecturing at a variety of colleges, running seminars and workshops, and writing, with 400 published articles and 22 published books.

Her latest projects involve ‘putting up’ a a growing number of permanent U-Tube webinars on the many different topics that are of both general and specialised interest to people concerned about better health in general, and cancer support or prevention in particular.

She aims to provide you, be you a student, a health care practitioner, or simply someone who is interested in cancer care and prevention for the sake of your own health and that of your family, with the tools that will help you prevent or avoid dis-ease in general and cancer in particular.

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Client Testimonials

Dear Xandria,

I have been meaning to get in touch for a while just to let you know how I’m getting on. And I am getting on so much better!!!

I think the last time I saw you I may have been moving to XXXXX.  Well in November the pain in my leg was so bad and I just couldn’t eat or sleep, I had an MRI which showed a slipped disc from this my parents brought me back to xxxxx to begin treatment. In November my breathing was so bad I couldn’t walk up the stairs and my weight was 45 kg  I went to xxxxx hospital to have a chest X-ray as I was so breathless, it was frightening, when the oncologist came to see me he told me what I have is very bad and gave me 2 months to live.

He pooh poohed everything I had done on our protocol. He said my body needs sugar. We switched v quickly to an amazing oncologist in London who is on board with all my holistic treatments.  And Xandria I’m getting better !!  The nurses are calling me a Christmas miracle ! I’ve had no side effects through chemo and I’m incorporating everything you supported me with alongside vit c therapy and xxxxxxx supplements as I sent my bloods to Greece.  That has been so helpful to tailor my treatment and know that my cancer would respond to vit c.
My last scan shows that my tumours have shrunk by 50 per cent so we are cracking on with another round.

I recently came up to London and managed it really well. I do not miss London pace or pollution so I know I’m in the most healing environment down here surrounded by xxxxxx walks and nature. It’s lovely !

I also wondered if I could come to one of your raw food evenings next time I come up.  I really learnt so much from you and want to continue the journey.

And a big thanks for priming my body for chemo. Although chemo is not my chosen route I believe that the detox and metabolic path I followed to the letter with you from August to November has really helped me manage the chemo.

Best wishes, LD

LD, email on file, edited only enough to maintain client privacy

Dearest Dr Xandria,

Just wanted to let you know that in my last scan, they found no evidence of disease. A long way from being handed leaflets on palliative care and how to write a will back in January!

I cannot express sufficiently how much you mean to me, and how grateful I have been for your guidance throughout this process. You truly are a remarkable woman doing the most remarkable work, God bless you. I am now using all you taught me to ensure I remain cancer free 😊 (maybe not as strictly perhaps, but it has now become a way of life!)

Best wishes always,

AT 2018

AT, Email on file
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