Meet Dr Xandria Williams Naturopath, Nutritional Biochemist,
Herbalist and Psychotherapist

Dr Williams brings her naturopathic training, a biochemical understanding of nutrition and human health, herbal medicine and a deep respect for profound concepts of psychotherapy into her resources as she helps clients with a variety of health problems.

Dr Williams has lectured in biochemistry, nutrition and many relate topics at several naturopathic, nutritional, osteopathic and chiropractic colleges in both Sydney and London. She has designed and ran an extensive number of seminars.

Xtra Health Ltd was started initially when we recognised the need to help clients. Dr Williams recommends a number of supplements and remedies. They are not always easy to source, nor is it easy to know which brands or which specific products to choose.

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of Naturopathic and Holistic Health Care - The Practice

Our approach is based on restoring homoeostasis, or returning people to optimum health, without doing so in a harmful way or by the use of toxins that are foreign to the body.

“First do no harm” is in fact a misquote, a short and casual form of the original Hippocratic oath, to the effect that assistants should respect their masters, share medical knowledge, help patients, avoid harming them medically or personally, seek help from other physicians when necessary and keep patient information confidential.

We respect scientific learning and understanding. We adhere to the commitment that a theory, if once proven to be wrong, should be set aside, and further research should be undertaken to better understand the subject more deeply and correctly.

Sharing knowledge is important at many levels. We aim to teach and educate our clients as part of an aid to their recovery, to teach students to help further advance their learning and careers and to share knowledge with our colleagues so that we all can learn, for the benefit and pleasure of all.

To book an appointment or enquire further:

You can meet Dr Xandria Williams is in practice in Belgravia/Chelsea, Central London. In addition, she offers appointments by Skype, Zoom and by phone. To make enquires or arrange for an appointment: 

Client Testimonials

Dear Dr Williams

I just wanted to say big Thank you for inviting me to the open house on Friday, it was very interesting and inspiring evening meeting other clients, listening to their stories and learning more about nutrition.


(email on file)

Hello Xandria,

Trust you are well in your body, soul and spirit. I am a South African and when I was diagnosed with cancer, friends of mine, from London, send me your book ” vital signs for cancer”.

Thank you, it saved my life! Thanks again for all your hard work!


Thank you so much for the skype conversation earlier, which made me feel so much better and excited about the future. I haven’t been fearful, but the last chemo experience has made me feel in need of some reassurance. I very much appreciate all your efforts!!


(email on file)

consulation room group image

Open House

Friday evenings (free)

For 20 years in Sydney, these discussion groups were held weekly on Monday evenings, and the focus was on nutrition. For the last 20 years in London they have been based on cancer support.

They provide clients with a place they can come, share their stories, ask questions, and meet up with other people having similar experiences.

Recently students have wanted to come too, to learn more about cancer support. They are now a fruitful combination of the two, varying each week depending on the compositing of the group and the questions that are asked.

When you have signed on for our newsletter you will receive weekly emails to invite you to book the open house events. If you are new to our website and would like to know more about open house events, please contact our education department.

Books by Dr Xandria Williams

Liver Detox Plan
From Stress to Success- 10 steps to a relaxed and happy life by Xandria Williams
The Four Temperaments by Dr Xandria Williams
Overcoming Candida- The Ultimate Cookery Guide
Beating the Bluesstrong Guide to Avoiding and Lifting Depression by Dr Xandria Williams


Dr Xandria Williams' Video Learning Centre

Dr. Xandria Williams’ Video Learning Centre. Our current project is to record many of these and have them permanently available on our website as a video catalogue. Join us so you could have access to her educational videos.

News & Announcements:

WEEKLY EVENTS | July 25th – July 31st

New Schedule beginning the week of July 25th

Weekly Q & A Discussion Groups

Monday, Wednesday, Friday mornings @ 9:00 am

Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday evenings@ 6:00 pm

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 878 2282 6897
Passcode: 734214

Due to the lifting of lockdown we have slightly changed the focus of our online discussions. Each online meeting is open for general Q & A along on a variety of topics related to health and wellbeing. Feel free to bring  your general questions and/or topics you would like to discuss!

We are always trying to meet the needs of our community so please feed free to share your thoughts and ideas with us.


As and when appropriate some of these sessions (with the permission of attendees) may be recorded and made available on her website.