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Dr Williams is British, but an Australian-trained naturopath, nutritionist and herbalist with forty years of experience.  She is a psychotherapist and includes NLP, EFT, and many other positive techniques in her aim to help reduce stress and normalise emotional issues.  Her work is focused on supporting people who are concerned about cancer prevention and cancer support and restoring homoeostasis by supportive and non-toxic means.

Her practice is readily accessible in Central London, by many forms of public transport, and she also consults on line (using Zoom) and by phone.

Contact her and the practice T: 020-7824-8153 or E:

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Welcome to the CanSurvive Education Centre

Dr Xandria Williams has had over forty years of experience teaching and explaining biochemistry, nutritional therapies and various aspect of naturopathy, and psychotherapy. She has done this by lecturing at a variety of colleges, running seminars and workshops, and writing, with 400 published articles and 22 published books.

Her latest projects involve ‘putting up’ a a growing number of permanent U-Tube webinars on the many different topics that are of both general and specialised interest to people concerned about better health in general, and cancer support or prevention in particular.

She aims to provide you, be you a student, a health care practitioner, or simply someone who is interested in cancer care and prevention for the sake of your own health and that of your family, with the tools that will help you prevent or avoid dis-ease in general and cancer in particular.

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The First Holistic Health Congress in Geneva

Boost your immune system with natural therapies!

Congress 5-7 July 2019, Hotel President Wilson

with Extra-Curriculum 8-12 July 2019, Schwarzsee (Lac Noir, Fribourg)

All the conferences will be translated in French & English

The First Holistic Health Congress in Geneva

Webcasts with Dr Xandria Williams


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