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Xandria Williams runs CanSurvive Resource Centre where the motto is “treating people – not cancer”. It is a health care practice based on a CAM (Complementary, Alternative and Metabolic) approach to health.

This includes naturopathy, nutrition, herbal medicine and other related modalities. Her psychotherapy approach includes NLP, EFT and other methods of personal growth and development.

Xandria works in Central London and in Co. Kildare in Ireland and, when appropriate, will consult by Skype or phone for clients who cannot reach her office.

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The CanSurvive Education Centre

The aim of the CSEC is to contribute significantly to the improvement of this situation. It is to provide you, be you a student, a health care practitioner, or simply someone who is interested in cancer for the sake of your own health and that of your family, with the tools that will help you avoid dis-ease. It is to equip you with the means that will assist you, if appropriate, to recover from this and similar health problems in order to reach an optimum state of wellness, and to avoid a recurrence. This is mainly done by way of the CanSurvive Seminar Series, entitled ‘Cancer Concerns’, a sequence of six one-day seminars.

CanSurvive Resource & Education Centre

News And Announcements

The First Holistic Health Congress in Geneva

Boost your immune system with natural therapies!

Congress 5-7 July 2019, Hotel President Wilson

with Extra-Curriculum 8-12 July 2019, Schwarzsee (Lac Noir, Fribourg)

All the conferences will be translated in French & English

The First Holistic Health Congress in Geneva

Seminars and Courses 2018

Pre-booking Essential

Advanced Cancer Care Course Phase I 8 week-ends. Open to practitioners and final-year relevant students Next course date 10 – 11 Nov; still accepting enrollment
Unique Metabolic Needs Determine your optimum diet, nutrients and plan for healthy living TBA
Emotional Balance Workshop Series Fun and effective ways to reduce your experience of stress. Focus of the next workshop is ‘Parts Dialogue’ Parts Dialogue Workshop – Saturday, February 23rd at a special discounted rate of £65! Call to book now!
Client Support Seminar (1 day) For a client and one partner or support person. TBA
Free study groups: New! The fourth Monday of each month. TBA
Free client evening: Now meeting every Friday evening at 6:30 pm! Upcoming dates: February 1st, 8th, 15th and 22nd
Bring a fun dish that is raw, organic and low-starch to share!
FOR INFORMATION AND TO BOOK T: 020-7824-8153    E: Booking is essential for all seminars, workshops, client evenings and study groups.

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